Get the Look: Valentine’s Day

V day looks II

This look is for those spending Valentine’s Day with dates, with the girls, and for the single pringles going out anyway! There are 2 variations to this look – the first is a softer, more romantic look whilst the second is more dramatic with intense colours. Both should work on all skin tones.

1) As always – prepare your skin by moisturising. Apply foundation and concealer if necessary. Use powder to set it all, but don’t go overboard – let yourself have a little glow!

2) Eyebrow time

For the softer look, soft eyebrows are best so use powder and an angled brush to follow the natural shape of your brows.

For the dramatic look, you can go for more angled brows, so pencil and brow brush is the way forward.

3) This is the fun bit – eyeshadow! First, prime those lids – you don’t want all your hard work smudging and creasing.

4) In the inner bit of your lids (so around the tear ducts), add a shimmery light pink or white colour.

5) Along the outer crease of your eyelids, apply a little pink eyeshadow. Go easy on this colour, as it can be difficult to use due to its tendency to make eyes look irritated.

6) Then, on the outer corner of your eyes, apply purple. Afterwards, use a tiny bit of brown on the very edge and to line your upper and lower lash line.

7) To finish, blend it all out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

For the softer look, use lighter, more delicate colours, so pretty rosy pink, lilac and light brown.

For the more dramatic, just intensify all the colours – so a strong pink, deep purple and dark brown/black.

Top tip – add a very light shimmery colour (silver, white) to the very centre of your lids and your brow bone (the outer bit from the arch of your eyebrows) to brighten your eyes.

8 ) Lining your eyes:

For the softer look, you could use brown pencil eyeliner as it’s more gentle than black.

For the stronger look, black gel/liquid liner with a baby cat eye would work well.

9) Curl your lashes (if you want) and apply mascara.

10) Blush is pretty important – people tend to skip it but it adds a glow to your whole look! Go for a light, warm pink blush on the apples of your cheeks (smile and it’s what pudges up over your cheekbones).

11) Lips – I went for a more natural pretty rose pink colour. I also layered lip gloss on top – but just in the centre of my lips for a subtle shine.

12) This step is optional – you can contour to bring out your features, like nose, cheekbones and sides of your face. I generally do it for these looks to prevent the light washing me out.


I drew a little black heart on my cheek to channel Marina and the Diamonds

It’s an easy look with plenty of room for personalisation, and a little different from typical romantic looks. Let your eye makeup stand out and get that special someone to look into your eyes! Who knows – it might be love at first sight across the dinner table or over the warm boxes as the pizza deliverer hands over your order.

Have a great Valentine’s everyone!

Christy Ku

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