Review: Meghan Trainor’s “Title”

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Ah, the catchy pop song from last summer. “All About That Bass” didn’t get me thinking about my weight. Instead, all I really thought was this – that Meghan was going to be a one hit wonder, just like the “Ketchup song” from 2002. It turns out she released her new album, Title, in January this year with a total of 15 songs. So I got down to listening to the entire album, with hopes that this self-loving singer could make me love her album more than I love myself.

Trainor’s album reminded me of the tunes that would be played at an American malt shop, especially so with the specific pastel color theme that was used in her music video for “All About That Bass”. The popular, guilty pleasure song was also on the Billboard Hot 100 for 8 consecutive weeks and had Jimmy Fallon singing along. With an extensive album list of 15 songs, the album promises the modern individual the smoothness of melodies and the soulful voice of Trainor. However, after a few songs, I was confused with the direction Trainor was attempting to take. Listening to the more “rap-style” songs made me feel as if I was groping around in the dark to find the light switch, with the floor reverberating an inconsistent mix of melodies (or lack of it) and tempos. I admit Trainor is no Kanye West but having songs that reek of obvious auto-tuning wasn’t to my liking. Not only that, inserting short raps in between catchier tunes made me ask myself if Trainor was trying to achieve all possible genres in her album. One minute I’m reminded of Britney Spears and the next, I’m thinking of Jessie J. Since this is after all her first album, perhaps Trainor hasn’t yet found her preferred style of singing.

While I might not appreciate the repetitive sounds in her songs, what I do enjoy is the feministic idea that she crafted her lyrics around. We all know that “All About That Bass” was about loving yourself for what you have and she consistently channeled that message across with songs laced with the thoughts a woman might have. On the other hand however, not every woman believes that being a “perfect lady” equates to “buying groceries”. Neither do I need my husband to tell me that I’m beautiful every night so that he can get some “special loving”.

Though John Legend was featured on one of her songs, Like I’m Gonna Lose You, I was not thoroughly impressed with the album as a whole and would only pick out a few songs to listen to again. Title is now available on Spotify and for those who would give her album a shot, maybe her bass would fit your taste.

Tanya Tan

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