Accessible Sunsets


What do you think when you see a sunset?

Just last week I managed to catch one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’d seen in awhile, just over the university campus. I happened to look up from my work and was instantly enthralled. I dropped everything and ran out to experience the moment. My favourite part about sunsets is that it changes every single moment. The picture you took five seconds ago is less intense than the one you’re taking now.


Even as I was busy gazing in awe at the sky, I couldn’t help but wonder – are passers-by seeing me as just another Asian girl with a camera? (It was just my phone though really) This is a question that always crosses my mind, whether I’m snapping sunset moments, rainbows, or the English countryside.

I still don’t have an answer to that question but I would now like to explain my title. Coming from the concrete jungle that is Singapore (think Canary Wharf but everywhere) it is a rare instance that I get experience sunsets the way I do here in Exeter. Even the less spectacular ones here are something more than what I get to see on a regular basis in Singapore. Trying to see the sun set requires some planning and a trip out to say, the beach. Sunsets here, are truly more accessible. One only needs to peer out of their window at the right time and voila!

I must confess, I have no idea if I have such intense appreciation for sunsets (along with stars and all of that) because I am easily captivated by the smallest things in nature, or because I rarely get to experience them in their full glory. It is not something I’ve been able to do a poll on with my fellow countrymen, nor am I ever likely to be able to.

Maybe it’s because I like to appreciate the small things in life or a combination of reasons. What does everyone think of, if they do, when they see a sunset?

Nichola Koh

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