A Weekend in Paris

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Ah Paris, possibly the perfect weekend break? Leaving Exeter at lunch time, it’s possible to be in the French capital in time for a supper of steak avec des frites, yet still feel like you’ve travelled a world away. Here is Razz’s rundown of some of the best things to do if you ever find yourself with 48 hours to spend in Paris…

Where to Visit:

Eiffel Tower – Kicking off with a pretty obvious first choice, but I would definitely recommend visiting later on in the day. Not only do the crowds die down significantly, but *that* view either by sunset or nightfall is something else.

Balloon art

Centre Pompidou – the home of the Musée National d’Art Moderne and just one street away from the Notre-Dame, a Saturday or Sunday spent visiting these two and le Marais more generally makes for such a lovely day. As someone who often comes away from modern art exhibitions slightly underwhelmed, the works here are far more interesting than those often seen… and as a bonus, until April they’re housing a Jeff Koons exhibit (think giant metallic dogs, inflatable hulks etc.) and this is a stop you should definitely not miss.

Palace of Versailles – Ok, so slightly outside the French Capital, but still in very easy to access via the Metro is Versaille. I knew before going that it was obviously going to be beautiful, but I wasn’t prepared for quite how grand or gorgeous the palace would actually be. The Hall of Mirrors, the gardens, Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet – it’s all amazing, just promise me you’ll go? Only, maybe don’t agree to meet the person you’re with somewhere else later as you will veritably get lost and then hear a heavily accented voice announcing over the tannoy *Arri-ette, where are you? We search you, Arri-ette*… sigh…

Where to Eat:


Angelina – Where to begin with Angelina? Known for serving the best hot chocolate in the world, this is another one not to miss… although the hot chocolate is actually just a jug of liquid chocolate, served with cream… so yep, Paris ain’t great for the waistline. Still, just take a look at these…


Amorino – Not strictly French, but this is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Shaped into a rose, the cone on the right was a Raspberry, Amorino Chocolate and Mango Sorbet combination but I would highly recommend their Salted Caramel and Stracciatella offerings too… oh boy! There’s a Gelateria just opposite the Centre Pompidou and in the warmer months a stand by the lake in the Tuileries Garden.

Absinthe – This was a lucky and somewhat random find on mine and my sister’s part, but this restaurant served hands down the best scallops and the best ravioli I’ve ever tasted… situated just a couple of streets behind Rue Rivoli in the Place Marche du Saint-Honore, this was one of the main reasons I campaigned for a weekend return to Paris this year…

Harriet Rix

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