New Year’s Resolutions: Styling Confidence

We all make them. We’re one month in and I’m sure some of us have been surprisingly successful in filling our plate with greens, sporadically jogging and making that double vodka a single. Okay, who am I kidding with the last one? Whilst some things will never change, it’s good to seize the New Year, and the endless sales, to revamp your wardrobe. Nothing says New Year like a good clear out and a new pair of patent boots to wear with that faux fur you didn’t quite push yourself to buy last year. Our style resolutions are not to be shoved to the back of the wardrobe with those odd bits of fancy dress. Let this be the year you jump, or jog as your resolution may impose, at style.


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1. Get organised

Pertinent to your style resolutions is organisation. It’s time to sift through your wardrobe. Go through every piece you have and ask yourself; ‘do I like this and am I going to wear it?’ If the answer is no then I should hope that you know what to do. Of course you had some great times in that sassy, swing skirt. But why are you wearing still wearing it when you’ve got mayo down the front on your last post-Arena trip to Mega Kebab. Don’t be afraid to part with your old apparel. You will make new memories in that Topshop skirt you’ve lusted after for the past however long. You didn’t think you could afford it but sticking all your olds ones on eBay is sure to help you out.

An organisational tip that does prove valuable is organising your attire and planning ahead. When rushing for your 9am you curse because you wore that dress yesterday and this top clashes and naturally none of your tights are clean. Take five minutes the night before to decide what you’re going to don as you roll out of bed. And how about not throwing today’s outfit on the floor as you get into your pyjamas. It might be easier now but it’s one less thing to do in the morning. Organisation, though tedious, clears your closet of all those pieces that make you cringe as you put them on, helping to maintain your style.

You can have anything you want

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2. How to buy

Now that your wardrobe is running like a military operation it’s probably feeling scarce. This only calls for a dent to be made in your student loan. Everyone needs staple pieces and they are the easiest place to start. I always like to have a good pair of jeans and a few neutral shirts or tops which I know I’ll be able to dress up and down with the rest of my spoils. With this capsule you can play around with the rest of your wardrobe adding bold colours or patterns, if and when.

Set out with an idea of what you want and never, ever panic buy. Another appearance of the LBD is better than splashing out on something you don’t actually like. Be sure of what you’re buying. If you can’t decide you probably aren’t a massive fan and if you aren’t then no one else is going to be.

Let yourself try new things. You don’t have to stick to what you’ve always worn. If you want to wear that hot pink sequin dress to Cavern then give it a spin. The only one stopping you, is you. There is a reason you want new clothes, you’ve moved on from what you wore last year just as designers have. Fashion is ever changing as are we so it’s okay to give something new a go. I wouldn’t recommend sticking to the high street either. Check out our abundance of charity shops. They’re always well stocked and not only are the prices a fraction of the high street but you are also not going to pass someone on Forum Hill in your jumper. It’s a good time to mix things up and explore what you’ve never really had the confidence to before.

3. Be confident

This brings me to my last piece of advice. When working on your style resolutions the most important thing is confidence. If you walk like your outfit was handpicked by Christian Dior that morning then people are going to react as if it were. The trick to pulling anything off is believing that you can. Clothes have the power to make or break your day. They give you the chance to be you, even if you are a different ‘you’ tomorrow. Style is primarily about enjoyment. Finding the clothes that you enjoy can give you that boost to walk into a room and own it. This filters through to all our daily activities from studying in the library to doing our food shop. Make an effort with yourself and you’ll feel more inclined to make an effort with everything else. Dig out your jewellery box and try a slick of crimson red lipstick.

If our New Year’s Resolutions are there to aid self-improvement then style should definitely be considered. Don’t feel vain for fantasising about those croc heels. Maybe they will help you walk taller. It’s okay to want to walk a little taller, to want to feel a little more confident in ourselves, just like it’s okay if we don’t eat all our greens.

Harriet Cotmore

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