Arts On the Move: Exeter’s Own Fringe Festival

For the fourth year running, Arts on the Move returns to Exeter’s own Poltimore House for another buzzing year of artistic showcase and scintillating performance. A new year means new management, and we caught up with Festival Director Niamh O’Dowd to hear what Arts on the Move 2015 has in store for us…   So it’s exciting to hear about the fourth year comeback, but … Continue reading Arts On the Move: Exeter’s Own Fringe Festival

Review: Hudson Taylor at Exeter Phoenix

Hudson Taylor is Harry & Alfie Hudson Taylor, an Irish brother-duo. They both sing & play the guitar, alongside writing songs of what has been described to be of a “raw and folky” nature. Read Razz’s interview with them here & here. Last Wednesday Irish brother-duo Hudson Taylor took to the stage with much aplomb, but not before having the crowd revved up with opening … Continue reading Review: Hudson Taylor at Exeter Phoenix

Think Twice Before Calculating

I’ll start by reassuring you: this is not going to be a love lesson. For those of you whose merry hearts were buttered up like scones on Valentine’s Day, you will protest passionately, rhapsodically how one cannot learn from love lessons, or read about love and expect to understand it, because love does not exist in words, lyrics, print, No! Love is transcendent, beggaring description! … Continue reading Think Twice Before Calculating

Interview: Hudson Taylor (Part II)

This is the Part II of Razz’s interview with Irish brother-duo Hudson Taylor (Harry & Alfie Hudson Taylor). You can read Part I here. They recently came to Exeter for a gig to promote their yet-to-be-released album, Singing For Strangers, and I managed to catch them up just before. From this whole process – creating your album and all your tours – what would you … Continue reading Interview: Hudson Taylor (Part II)

Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes for beginners

Pancakes have long been a much-loved beacon of yummy breakfast/brunch & good cooking (so I thought). What I found out however, was that it really doesn’t take much to pull a couple together. And what better time to find this out than for Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day! Everybody likes their pancakes differently – thin & large, thick & large, thin & small etc – you name … Continue reading Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes for beginners