Get the Look II: Le Cirque Sombre

RAG’s Le Cirque Sombre ball has a dark circus theme and in the second part of Christy’s Get the Look series, she has planned a dark clown/mime artist look.

Whilst the last look was more natural, this is more extreme but still fairly low budget:

Dark Clown/Mime Artist

If you have some face paints, black and white clothing, you’re good to go!

What you need is:

  • Black face paint
  • White face paint
  • Red face paint or red lipstick
  • Face sponges (I used foundation sponges)
  • Brushes for details
  • A steady hand and lots of patience

1. Start with a clean, moisturised face

2. Apply the white face paint everywhere on your face. On your lids, over your lips, into the hairline and onto your neck. You have to build up the layers bit by bit, so be patient!

3. Eyebrows time – since your face is so white, you don’t need thick brows. Just a line of black paint will do.

4. Moving on to the eyes – with the black face paint, thickly line your upper lids. Add a little flick in the outer corner if you wish.

5. From there, you can do pretty much what you want for the eyes. Here are some ideas:

Better collage

Photo credits (clockwise starting from the left):, Torreee.tumblr,

Better collage 2

Photo credits (clockwise starting from the left): Clowntime.tumblr,,

6. The nose is optional – you can draw a circle, heart or triangle on the end of your nose.

7. For the cheeks, you can draw red or black circles. Use lipstick or face paints for this – best to take a brush to it, rather than apply directly with the lipstick bullet.

8. I did a little heart on the centre of my lips – again, you can use lipstick or face paint.

9. Let your hair down and put on your costume!


After taking this photo, I had 20 minutes to wash this off and be at a talk

Costume ideas: All available on the high street

Mime 1

Striped blazer: New Look

Pork pie hat: Asos

Stripy off-shoulder top: New Look

Black jeans: H&M

Mime 2

Black blazer: H&M

Single stripe skirt: New Look

Stripy skirt: H&M

Zip boots: Asos

Black suede ankle boots: Asos

Christy Ku

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