Rebirth and Renewal Photo shoot: Behind the Scenes

For the print magazine photo shoot we decided on the theme of Vintage Renewal, as the idea of second-hand, upcycled clothing fitted perfectly with the overall Rebirth and Renewal concept of the magazine. With this in mind, Beverly and I headed to the various vintage shops dotted around Exeter a few days before the shoot to source outfits. The Vintage Store had the perfect selection of clothing, including their great vintage renewal range, and they were super nice about letting us borrow the clothes!


On the day of the photo shoot we started off at the Vintage Store trying a load of outfits on the models before deciding on the final clothing combinations. I’m a big fan of layering (as you can probably tell from the photos!) especially with some pattern thrown in with bold block colours, and we wanted to focus on bright autumnal tones.

With the outfits on and hair and make-up done we headed over to Exeter Castle for the photo shoot. We were really lucky to have a delightful sunny autumnal day which allowed us to use the castle grounds as well, with the colourful leaves providing a great backdrop.

R&R 2

Charlotte wore one of the Vintage Store’s vintage renewal tops made from a cropped vintage floral shirt with added lace trim, red vintage blazer and beige suede skirt with a vintage scarf to complete the look.

The velvet dress modelled by Holly worked perfectly with the subtler pink and purple tones in the kimono jacket (the Vintage Store has a great selection of kimonos!).

R&R 3

The amazing white leather jacket worn by Conor was a great find and the dark green paisley print shirt complemented it perfectly.

Thanks so much to Vintage Store for being so super lovely and letting us borrow the clothes, and I’ll leave you with some more photos from the shoot to browse through.

R&R Behind R&R 5

Photographers: James Hall & Erin Blackmore

Kezia Cochrane

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