Halloween What-Not-To-Wear


If there’s one thing that we can rely on to re-inject a sense of excitement into the ever-quickening darkness of autumn, it’s the build up to Halloween: the night when scary becomes the new edgy and fake blood ascends to take its place as the new cosmetic must-have.

However nothing shatters this atmosphere perhaps more effectively than the sight of a can’t-be-more-than-fourteen year old leaping with delight at her new ‘sexy high school cheerleader’ costume. While I’m in no way going to suggest that a strict conservative approach is instead in order for Halloween night (for as any Mean Girls fan will know, a more liberal dress code comes hand in hand with the infamous holiday), I feel that the scary aspect has become somewhat wanting and that our Halloween wardrobes desperately require a double shot of creepy to truly celebrate in style.

For the ruthlessly fearless, a great source of future costume inspiration can be found in the well documented archives of the notorious annual Halloween bash held by model Heidi Klum. With past costumes including additional limbs, severed heads, and a daring look which she described as “a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off”, they are not for the faint-hearted and will likely surpass the average student budget. However it is the essence of shockingly scary, which she captures so well, that we should be taking notes from.


Photo credit: http://rocknrollleighton.wordpress.com/

So instead of reaching for the fluffy bunny ears and knee high socks, consider going the extra mile past pound land or the nearest supermarket, and discover the wealth of fancy dress that Exeter city centre has to offer. Sometimes the smallest accessories can make the biggest impact, be it pupil-less contact lenses or a fake, yet shockingly believable throat wound, and suddenly the zombie cheerleader looks all the more effective.

More importantly, be original and resist running for the standard witches’ hat and kitchen broom. They may have served you well for childhood trick or treating, but now is the time to put to use all those horror films that you regretted watching and draw a darker form of inspiration from the likes of iconic movie villains such as Ghostface and The Joker. A lack of creativity or skill with a paintbrush is no excuse either. Arguably messier is better for achieving that perfectly mutilated effect and with the ever-increasing diversity of Halloween morphsuits available, the perfect garb can be produced with no more than a zip.

The bottom line is: if you don’t make someone jump, you’re not trying hard enough.

Charlotte Goosey

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