Flash Fashion: Halloween

All Hallows Eve is upon us and I know, I know, you’ve left your costume ridiculously last minute again. You sort of lost motivation when the Enchanted Forest event was cancelled and now you have nothing to wear. Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. As a lover of fashion I have never been one to shy away from fancy dress. My last Saturday Lemmy as a fresher featured me dressed as a unicorn. Fully clad with a bejewelled horn with rainbow hair and even glittery eyelashes, my whole face was covered in glitter but what’s new? If I can get my My-Little-Pony unicorn on in a hungover couple of hours then I can definitely help you get ready for this year’s Monster Mash. You shall go to the ball Cinderella (although in this case the ball is Arena or Timepiece and there are no glass slippers although possibly a pumpkin).

You don’t have to fork out loads on a new outfit nor do you need to spend months building yourself a fortune teller machine to sit in, complete with crystal ball and coin slots. I mean that would be pretty awesome but could prove difficult when you start trying to throw shapes to Thriller. I definitely believe that simple homemade costumes are the best.


Photo credit: Marie Claire

1. Zombie

A tried and tested Halloween costume is the Zombie. I know you’re bored of that but think about it we all have some form of fancy dress at the back of our wardrobe. It’s pretty much compulsory at uni to have the odd lei or school tie lurking around. Last year I realised how useful this is when I came across my cave girl dress. In what was really a mad panic as I had about ten minutes to make it to Arena, I put it on. I then proceeded to scribble around my eyes with black liner and smeared fake blood around my mouth and down my arms (you don’t have to buy gimmick blood you could just use a red lipstick). Voila – I was a zombie cave girl and you can bet there were no others in Arena that night. Absolutely everything can be zombie-fied. Do not rule anything out. The more random the better. You can dress up as whatever you want and with a bit of fake blood here or there no one can complain that you don’t look ‘halloweeny’ enough.

2. Mummy

One of my favourite ideas and something that is so easy but that I never seem to see is a mummy. Just cocoon yourself in some toilet roll and there you go, outfit on point. This is great because you don’t really have to think about what you’re wearing as long as it’s fairly simple to avoid mummification issues. If you want to take it a little further you could rip up some old sheets and dye them. To keep cost down throw the sheets into a pot of boiling water with a handful of teabags, coffee would equally do the trick. Leave them to soak for a good half an hour, stirring them occasionally, and then take the material out and let it dry. Once it’s dried you are ready to bandage yourself up. As with the zombie costume make up could really finish your character off. Even just applying talcum powder to your face will give you that ‘dead look’ that boys really go for.


Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Spider

If you aren’t taken by either of these ideas I have one last quick trick up my sleeve, or tights as this next costume goes. Fancy dress spiders are simple if you don’t mind a bit of sewing. All you need is a couple of pairs of tights. Stuff the tights with whatever you have lying around, I’d suggest newspaper. Once you’ve done that, stitch the tights onto the sides of a black t-shirt. To make sure your legs aren’t flying around all night take a piece of ribbon and tie it to a foot of the tights, leave some length and then tie around the next foot and then repeat but tying it to your wrist. Do this with your other set of legs as well. This way you have some control over what your spider legs are doing. Although I’m sure after a few drinks you will forget all about this anyway. If you can run down to a craft or fancy dress shop you might be able to find some cobweb decorations. These would look fab draped over you but aren’t a necessity. Try dark smoky eye make-up and your Incy Wincy outfit is ready.

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to get started on your last minute Halloween get up. Just about anything goes now for Halloween and it doesn’t have to be complicated to look great. Just get creative and try to avoid pulling a sheet over your head.

Harriet Cotmore

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