5 Food Places To Try In Exeter



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Situated right outside the University’s main entrance, it is impossible to miss. It is most probably the biggest pub in Exeter and also the most able to settle all your meals. A full English breakfast is less than £5 and if you’re not up early enough to catch breakfast, lunch and dinner can be had for around £2 more. On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there are special menus available such as steaks and curries (separately, of course) offering a main with a drink for £7-£8. Desserts are then also available at a special price and most of the time (but unfortunately not consistently) they are simply amazing. The Bramley apple crumble topped with vanilla ice cream is the right balance between cold and hot and leaves you filling perfectly stuffed. If not for the price then head on down to the Impy simply because it’s a pub and the Orangery or beer garden is a really nice place to grab a drink, any part of the day.

New North Rd, Exeter, Devon EX4 4AH


Cosy Club

Photo credit: The Cosy Club


Indeed a cosy club, this restaurant is worth coming for the décor alone. Its eclectic vintage interior is simultaneously fascinating and warming – it makes you feel right at home. They serve everything from brunch to dinner with creative food choices. A fantastic macaroni and cheese chock full of mushroom, spinach and truffle cheese sauce makes for an alternative main, or chicken cordon bleu if you’re feeling a bit more traditional. The Cosy Club also serves tapas, 3 for £11.50. While not exactly budget, this restaurant is fairly affordable for an occasion with mains starting from £7.95 and brunch averaging around £6.

1 Southernhay Gardens, Exeter, EX1 1SG


Tucked away amongst shops, a conservative tearoom-esque shop front belies the cosy, romantic and yet bright atmosphere of this restaurant on the second level. They pride themselves on locally sourced & freshly prepared meals. Their slow-cooked egg drizzled with truffle oil on a bed of English asparagus is simply a divine starter and sad to say, does not come cheap. Mains start from £16.95, although a 2-course lunch set is available at the same price. Suffice to say their food and ambience is definitely worth the price and would be perfect for a special date or occasion.

18 North Street, Exeter, EX4 3QS

Must try


This is one crepe van you cannot miss. From Wednesdays to Saturdays, the Creperie is at North Street just before Timepiece. The man behind the van has been making crepes for the past twenty years, I have been told, and letting your tastebuds sample the delectable delights of an english breakfast crepe will show you the truth. Whether your preference is for sweet or savoury, this van has it all. Everything from conventional nutella and banana to the curiouser mandarin oranges with lemon is available. Prices range from £1.50 to £3.

Castle Street, Exeter

Clock tower fish & chips

Photo credit: Google Plus


Nip in for lunch or dinner to grab fish & chips – this place has some seats but most do takeaways. £5 will get you a regular cod with chips and that regular cod is one of the biggest portions I have seen for fish & chips at that price. It is most consistently one of the freshest as well. If chips are not your cup of tea they also do the fish separately with an availability of cod or haddock, regular or large. Unsuspecting as it may look, this is one place not to miss out on.

53 Queen St, Exeter, Devon EX4 3SF

Nichola Koh

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