Lyon: France’s Second City In 48 Hours

France’s dynamic city of Lyon tends to be overshadowed by tales of the Parisian dream. Yet, spending time in France’s gastronomic capital, one begins to unravel the many facets of Lyon and its people. The beauty of Lyon lies in its duality, its eclectic mix of old and new. Find quarters steeped in history coexisting harmoniously alongside those that are newly evolving. Tradition meets modernity … Continue reading Lyon: France’s Second City In 48 Hours

Poetry: Eyeliner Designer

Eyeliner designer wears the coolest clothes Unconventionally appealing in a way that transcends It’s not about always dressing well Overrated idea: a need to be photogenic to sell. Explosion of colour operates to disguise Like a veil of white softly cloaking the night Cubic patterns and black and white fusion Pink swirls produce a sexy confusion. Vintage designs with no need to label Having a … Continue reading Poetry: Eyeliner Designer

Too Cool for School (Literally)

With school starting around the corner, we girls and (maybe) guys often fret about what to wear for the very first day. ‘Cause dress to impress right? Hence, here at Razz we took the liberty of collating together some outfit choices to (hopefully) lessen your worry, with the latest trends and (mostly) reachable high street brands. Light Purple Frill Trim Cable Knit Socks – New Look £2.99 Light … Continue reading Too Cool for School (Literally)

Easy Guide to Conquering the Activities’ Fair

Photo Credit: Exeter University It’s the culmination of your first week at Exeter, the last hung over stop after a week of partying and free society trials. Here’s how to tackle the hordes of societies who will be doing their best to secure your membership this Saturday… First of all, take your time. There is no rush to join every society you want to on … Continue reading Easy Guide to Conquering the Activities’ Fair

Exeter Hot Spots

Exeter isn’t exactly known for its nightlife, but who cares. Not all students are enraptured by clubbing into the early hours. What the city may lack in nightclubs it more than makes up for in culture and history. What originated as a charming medieval town has developed over the centuries into a thriving modern city that retains a distinct character that most students fall in … Continue reading Exeter Hot Spots

Welcome to Razz

Welcome to Razz! As a new student at Exeter, you’re often bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information – timetables, reading lists, Freshers Week events and lists of societies that you can join. With such a diverse range of societies at Exeter and many students with limited budget for the Activities Fair, deciding which societies to join can be tricky. Therefore, we’ve decided to outline … Continue reading Welcome to Razz