Beach Bars in Ghana


Ghana, for some unfathomable reason, has not yet exploded with tourism, despite being one of the safest and interesting countries in Africa. It is quietly growing more and more popular, with many of its most beautiful and frequented tourist destinations found along the south coast. A heavy aspect of Ghana’s attraction lies in its beach bars, which all offer a chilled experience and an escape from the rest of bustling Ghana. 1. Two are particularly famous alongside the coast outside of the main city, one known as Green Turtle Lodge. This lodge has an almost legendary status amongst tourists as one of the must see attractions of the country, with ‘Have you been to Green Turtle?’ mentioned with the same level of respect as a historic sight or city might be. This Eco lodge has a bar set in the sand, equipped with pina coladas in coconuts, and rustic dormitory huts equipped with outside showers, much needed in Ghana’s summer heat but full of small lizards and geckos. There is one bar along the coast that surpasses this lodge – Hideout Lodge, in Butre. An upcoming and yet establishing location, it goes beyond the standard that Green Turtle Lodge sets, offering cheaper food, drinks and tours. Every night, they choose a particular fish to make a group meal from – leading five of us tucking into a freshly caught, table-long tuna steak for the equivalent of £5. With early morning canoes that take you along rivers surrounded by small alligators and water snakes, and a friendly, almost family vibe, this bar is hard to surpass. Until you visit Big Milly’s Backyard, in Kokrobite. Very close to the capital city of Accra, the bar is intensely full of tourists and vacationing volunteers, yet still manages to retain a pleasantly authentic vibe. The summery cocktails are no more than one or two pounds, and the beach markets are competitively cheaper than any other stalls we found in Ghana, offering great souvenirs and clothes. It’s large enough to offer a vibrant and exciting experience, with reggae music playing long into the night, yet with many small tucked away areas and bars to escape away to.


by Dannee McGuire, Razz Travel Correspondent

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