In Memory of L’Wren Scott

  Last month, on March 17th, fashion designer L’Wren Scott committed suicide in her New York apartment.  Her company, LS Fashion Ltd, as we have since been informed, was facing financial crisis and she had been forced to cancel her London Fashion Week show in February, claiming production delays.  Despite this, Scott had a glittering career, and here at Razz we want to celebrate the wonderful fashion … Continue reading In Memory of L’Wren Scott

Acquired Tastes

A familiar comment labelled at today’s music scene is that it’s “all the same” – that hundreds of artists are just churning out effectively the same song to continue brainwashing the gullible masses and consolidate the hegemonic dominance of the major labels, furthering the evil capitalist project and contributing to the gradual destruction of planet earth. Okay, that was exaggerated to sound like a BA … Continue reading Acquired Tastes

A Perfect Day in Exeter

Seeing as this is my last article as a Razz regular correspondent for this year *sob, sob*, I thought I’d collate my ideas on all the wonderful places and things in Exeter into a day’s fairly packed but completely do-able itinerary. Here goes… Wake up: Assuming money isn’t an issue I think I’d stay at Southernhay House. My family stayed there once when they visited and … Continue reading A Perfect Day in Exeter

Review: Dallas Buyers Club

 ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ presents us with Texas rodeo, Ron (Matthew McConaughey), whose life is drastically altered when he is told he is HIV positive and has 30 days to live. Set against the politics of the late 80s and the fears of AIDs and homosexuals, Ron battles with acceptance. He travels to Mexico in search for cures and, along with transgender woman Rayon (Jared Leto), sets … Continue reading Review: Dallas Buyers Club

Beach Bars in Ghana

Ghana, for some unfathomable reason, has not yet exploded with tourism, despite being one of the safest and interesting countries in Africa. It is quietly growing more and more popular, with many of its most beautiful and frequented tourist destinations found along the south coast. A heavy aspect of Ghana’s attraction lies in its beach bars, which all offer a chilled experience and an escape … Continue reading Beach Bars in Ghana