Issue 16: Razz Launch Party

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This is a gentle reminder that our latest edition of Razz is now in print and available for purchase from the guild shop! Featuring exclusive photography, poetry and non-fiction pieces you won’t want to miss out. Here are a few snapshots from the highly successful magazine launch at Cosy Club and an impromptu celebratory poem by Conor Byrne, our features editor, who was rather taken by Cosy Club’s cocktails!

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“The Allure of Cocktails”

Sweetness and light, a confectionary delight

In heaven with these cocktails tonight,

Cherry gorgeousness, bakewell beauty

Lemon drizzle concoction, sharp but fruity.

Only the suavity of the room distracts from this fabulous food

Indulge in another, to refuse would be rude.

Tasteful and sweet, oh so yummy to eat

A drink designed for two, a dreamy way to meet.

Rainbow colours and gregarious surprises

Luxurious flavours pleasurably hypnotises.

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