Him With His Foot in His Mouth at The Bike Shed Theatre

Harry Shawmut is a man who often says things he shouldn’t. He once made an unkind comment to a lady in passing and now, years later, he has decided to apologise. But saying sorry isn’t always that straightforward. Harry uses us, the theatre audience, to help rehearse the most elaborate apology in history, taking us through the contours of his hilarious, shocking and uniquely moving life story.

New Perspectives, a rural touring theatre company based in Nottingham will be coming to The Bike Shed, Exeter from Tuesday 25 – Saturday 29 March with an adaptation of the brilliantly heartwarming Him With His Foot in His Mouth by great American writer, Saul Bellow.

Him With His Foot in His Mouth 2 - Stephen Chance (Please credit Pamela Raith Photography)

This life-affirming production marks the first ever UK stage adaptation of a work by the great American writer Saul Bellow. Three times winner of the National Book Award and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Bellow is one of the forefathers of modern Jewish humour, paving the way for Woody Allen, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

photography by Pamela Raith

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