To VB or Not To VB?


Once upon a time she was Posh Spice and rather ridiculed for her mediocre attempts at a solo career.  Now her name is said in the same breath as such world-renowned designers as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.  She’s the ultimate poster girl for achieving your dreams despite the raised eyebrows and sniggers of others.

I’ve been a Victoria Beckham fan ever since Father Christmas brought me her fashion help book, That Extra Half an Inch, when I was 14.  I admit that I was dubious when I first unwrapped it, but she won me over.  Despite the garish pink and orange tutu she’s wearing on the front cover, Victoria’s advice, even then, showed her fashion potential.  She taught me all the need-to-know lessons about how to wear stripes, or which shades would suit my complexion.  And yet she was still viewed very much as a tacky WAG by the general public, and, to be fair to them, her outfits and haircuts weren’t always to the best of taste.  She’s completely transformed herself, and now VB is never seen dressed in anything less that pristine high fashion.

Her line in this year’s New York Fashion Week was a true testament to just how far she’s come, showing her versatility, sense of adventure, and incredible eye for clean cuts.  Her sucky-sucky dresses (so named by the lady herself) are what made her famous, but she’s been brave enough to move away from the sleek, body-cinching cut to a longer and more masculine vibe. Her Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection was filled with monochrome pieces, with loose jacket lapels and chunky gold chains to fasten coats and shirts together.  Bodycon is out, and androgynous is in.




VB also experimented with abstract prints on a couple of skirts and jumpers, and the full-length ivory gown with a frothy, sheer top was her crowning glory, was much anticipated by her Twitter and Instagram followers who were treated to in-progress snaps of the dress in making.

Victoria Beckham has come a long way since 2008 and is a fantastic role model for young women everywhere; not only does she juggle four children and a high-powered job, but she also did it despite all the naysayers.  All hail Queen VB!

by Heather Tarplee, Razz Fashion Correspondent

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