Exeter Trails: an undiscovered treasure



When I first heard about the Exeter Trails I thought it was a fantastic idea. Set up by independent business men and women in Exeter and now with a new flashy website, the concept is simple: these great minds have pitched together and designed different ‘maps’ of Exeter, which lead you through the plethora of wonderful independent shops, cafés and local activities on offer. The vision is that, having been tried and tested, all such trails should lead you on an exciting journey around the city where you will encounter consistently excellent customer service and high quality, unique products.

You can download the maps, which in themselves are  artistic and detailed, and embark on a tour, trying out the best of Exeter. The maps vary in category: Café culture; Bygones and Boutiques; Creativity; Food Glorious Food and Activities and Hobbies and so really do cover all interests and passions. With the rise of large scale commercial businesses and chain eateries, it really is encouraging to see Exeter’s local traders taking a stand and supporting the lovely places you may not have even heard of!

So if you have a spare afternoon and a friend or two, I would certainly recommend delving into the adventure of the Trails and seeing what you can discover for yourself. With ‘treasure map’ in hand and an appetite for new things you really will feel as if you’re on an escapade of high excitement!

Next time you’re tempted to buy your third Caramel Frappuccino of the week from Costa on campus, why not swap the ease and familiarity for the satisfaction of somewhere completely different and the feeling that you’re doing your bit to support the local trade of Exeter. There’s nothing to lose!

by Sinead Buckingham, Razz Exeter Correspondent



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