Review: La Grande Bellezza

  Campus Cinema’s International Film Week inspired me to review Italian film ‘La Grande Bellezza’ (‘The Great Beauty’). Hugely celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival and winner of 2014 Golden Globes Best Foreign Film, ‘La Grande Bellezza’ is bizarre and beautiful in equal measure. The film focalises around Jep Gambardella (Toni Servillo), an acclaimed journalist, living off the glory of his one, brilliant novel, written … Continue reading Review: La Grande Bellezza

Bring The Happy Live at The Met Office, Exeter

For three nights only, The Met Office plays host to Bring The Happy Live, a theatre event mapping and celebrating happiness in Exeter. An intimate and interactive evening somewhere between a wedding and a wake, Bring The Happy Live is a spectacular culmination of a project mapping moments and memories of happiness in Exeter and across the country. The project will begin with artists, Invisible … Continue reading Bring The Happy Live at The Met Office, Exeter

Navigating Morrocco

Even in mid January, we were walking through Marrakesh with crop tops and shorts, the sun weak but warm. The city seemed to radiate summer from its walls, the crisp terracotta colours melting into the blue skies. Every street reached out tantalizingly, scents of spice and soaps, tagines and teas infecting our minds. Children ran between streets, dodging blaring scooters and vanishing into cracks and … Continue reading Navigating Morrocco

The Politics of Monochrome

The Politics of Monochrome   There are many things in the world that manage to acquire some sort of undeservedly bad reputation somehow, like James Blunt and monochrome outfits. What has James Blunt ever done to anyone that condemns him to spend much of his evenings fighting back abuses on Twitter? Why do a few depressed tweens with all-black wardrobes give other monochromatic wardrobes the … Continue reading The Politics of Monochrome

90s Nostalgia: Curtain(s) Call

Why. Just why. That’s probably a question many have asked themselves in lieu of the recent nostalgia for that decade of poor fashion choices, bleach-blond curtains and combinations of incompatible musical genres: the 90s. But even if you would count yourself amongst these naysayers of the decade that we all claim to have grown up in (if you were 5 when it ended you weren’t really there … Continue reading 90s Nostalgia: Curtain(s) Call

To VB or Not To VB?

Once upon a time she was Posh Spice and rather ridiculed for her mediocre attempts at a solo career.  Now her name is said in the same breath as such world-renowned designers as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.  She’s the ultimate poster girl for achieving your dreams despite the raised eyebrows and sniggers of others. I’ve been a Victoria Beckham fan ever since Father Christmas brought me … Continue reading To VB or Not To VB?

Recipe: Easy, Healthy and Alcoholic

An easy and creative recipe, this would make a great dinner party dish. A recipe worth remembering – not only can you indulge your love of alcohol, it is actually a rather healthy meal! Sake salmon Ingredients: Sake Chilli Lemongrass Onion Garlic Salmon Potato Spinach Coriander Ginger Salt & Pepper   Instructions: 1 Mince chilli, lemongrass, garlic, coriander and ginger. Mix them all together. 2 … Continue reading Recipe: Easy, Healthy and Alcoholic

Artigano: A New Place to Wine & Dine

One of the latest additions to Exeter high street is a very flashy looking new bar called Artigano, just a few units down from Boots. During the first few weeks of this term I often walked past and was intrigued but it wasn’t until very recently that I gave it a whirl. My first impressions were that it looked like the sort of place you’d … Continue reading Artigano: A New Place to Wine & Dine

Unique Boutique: Pop-Up Party Market

What is it that makes a party unique? Other than the fine array of guests and Grandma on the dance floor, its all the little touches. And what better place to find these inspirational, quirky, beautiful party accessories than Unique Boutique Arts and Crafts Markets. On Saturday 29th March at Exeter Phoenix, Unique Boutique will be dedicated to Parties. Find wedding favours, room and table … Continue reading Unique Boutique: Pop-Up Party Market

Review: The Very Thought at The Bikeshed Theatre

Exeter PhD Drama student, Rose Biggin, delivers a stunning one-woman performance. ‘The Very Thought’ brings The Bikeshed Theatre’s From Devon with Love Festival to a climactic close. The Bikeshed, together with their development programme, Framework, has brought us three weeks of varied and brilliant theatre from Devon’s own performance artists. Giving locals the platform for their pieces, The Bikeshed supports innovative works, showcasing everything from … Continue reading Review: The Very Thought at The Bikeshed Theatre