Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter


Any student will understand, as much a laugh as cooking for yourself at University is, it’s always a relief to be treated to a meal out once in a while. Washing up has a distinctively minimal capacity for fun and once you’ve exhausted your repertoire of pasta and rice variations, one often finds oneself dreaming of food cooked for you (and plates washed up for you!).

This universal dilemma is often solved by a family visit. Whose parents wouldn’t love to take their hard-working little darlings out for supper when they’re in town? Alas, when my Dad drove me back for the start of term I knew a decent meal out was (hopefully) on the cards! I wasn’t disappointed.

We went to Harry’s Restaurant on Longbrook Street, a place about which I had heard nothing but praise. It seems Harry’s is loved by students and locals alike, and after eating there I can definitely see why. What you have with Harry’s is good, honest, fairly priced food; nothing too fancy but also something a little different.

The restaurant is adorned with white fairy lights and quirky ornaments, giving it a welcoming feel. The menu was extensive and you could order anything from Fajitas or steak, to pizza! It certainly made choosing something a tricky process of weighing up pros and cons, but in the end I went for a classic cheese and bacon burger with coleslaw and fries.  The standard of the food was unfaultable and it’s obvious that a lot of the food is locally sourced and high quality. What’s more, the servings were beyond generous- you get a lot of grub for your money!

In fact, so large were the plates presented to us that, try as we might, we had no space to sample a pudding. Although, rumour has it that the aptly named ‘Harry’s heart attack’, which by the sounds of it is just a monstrous plate of sugar and calories, is absolutely incredible! Perhaps next time I’ll have to give it a go!

All in all, I had a fantastic evening. The staff were nothing but friendly and attentive and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. I get the feeling that with Harry’s, you’d never have a disappointing meal and reliability like that is hard to find!

Treat yourself (or better still, muster up your other half/relations to treat you) to a night out at Harry’s and discover one of Exeter’s best places for dinner.

words and photos by Sinead Buckingham, Razz Exeter Correspondent

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