A Little Nonsense at the BikeShed Theatre

Acclaimed Bristol theatre company Juncture return to The Bike Shed Theatre with an original black comedy that explores the clown inside the man and the mirth hidden in the melancholy. Through mime, slapstick, poetry and farce, A Little Nonsense is a bare-knuckle look at the sharp edge of funny. The play follows a tortured double-act as they walk the tightrope between love and loathing and … Continue reading A Little Nonsense at the BikeShed Theatre

Review: American Hustle

With 10 Oscar nominations, David O. Russell’s new film, American Hustle, emanates pure style. Based on the 1970s FBI Operation Abscam, it draws on the story of a New Jersey conman forced into bribing officials with the pretence of a sheikh. Yet American Hustle’s strengths lie not in the plot, but in the very human aspects of the film, the stunning performances and the outrageous … Continue reading Review: American Hustle

A Vietnamese way of life: Hoi An

We arrived in the middle of the night to Hoi An and after an hour of surviving Vietnam traffic (read: motorcyclists honking in an extremely indecorous but consistent manner weaving around our van like a shoal of fish around a whale) aspired no more than to a good night’s sleep. In the morning a walk around the charming town took us by surprise. The burnt … Continue reading A Vietnamese way of life: Hoi An

Gregarious in Gingham?

 Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. How ironic that Dorothy felt overwhelmed by Oz; I feel similarly about the fashion trend that pays homage to her iconic blue pinafore.  It would appear that gingham is “back in”. Don’t get me wrong – gingham has its merits… when dressing little girls.  Pink gingham summer dresses on toddlers are adorable, but I don’t know quite how … Continue reading Gregarious in Gingham?

Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

Any student will understand, as much a laugh as cooking for yourself at University is, it’s always a relief to be treated to a meal out once in a while. Washing up has a distinctively minimal capacity for fun and once you’ve exhausted your repertoire of pasta and rice variations, one often finds oneself dreaming of food cooked for you (and plates washed up for … Continue reading Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

Which “-fi” and why?

There exists an on-going debate that has quietly raged under the surface of both popular and underground music for the last four or five decades, with relatively little press and public interest. This debate is the battle between so called “hi-fi” and “lo-fi”, better known as high fidelity and low-fidelity. Fidelity refers, in a basic sense, to the grade of reproduction quality of recorded sound; … Continue reading Which “-fi” and why?