The Exeter Blitz Project



After a sell-out run in May 2012, Viva Voce is back at Exeter’s award winning Bike Shed Theatre with their acclaimed performance of The Exeter Blitz Project. Using first-hand verbatim testimony from those who witnessed the raids, Viva Voce have created an inspiring insight into Exeter in World War Two.

“On the night of May 3rd, I recall walking up the road to a vantage point during a longer than usual, noisier than usual air raid, and seeing the heart of the city of Exeter ablaze. This was The Blitz – or as my diary recorded this unfamiliar word, the Blizt. And I added, next day, with all the reserve of one of those great stiff-upper-lip wartime films, Did not bother to go to school.”
Roger Free (11 years old in 1942)
Between 1940 and 1942 Exeter was raided by the German Luftwaffe 19 times. The worst raid took place in the early hours of May 4th, 1942. This event dramatically altered the landscape of the city forever.
Viva Voce interviewed 16 individuals who were between the ages of 6 and 25 in 1942, and the staging of their extraordinary stories proved to be a wonderful event for people of all ages in Exeter. The play forged connections across generations and encouraged residents to see their city in a new light. Don’t miss this chance to see a very special piece of theatre. 


28th November – 14th December

Thursdays 2.00 & 7.30pm

Fridays 7.00pm

Saturdays 2.00 & 7.30pm


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