Fashion: Festive Feelings

As Andy Williams says, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”; that’s right – it’s Christmas party season.  No matter how old you are, there will always be some form of occasion on the horizon that merits a party outfit, and it’s the only time of year when full-on sparkle is not only acceptable but actively encouraged.

Depending on the event, there are two clear routes that you can take with the Christmas party outfit: the dress or the evening top and trousers combo.  For those a little bolder, there’s also another classy up-and-coming alternative – the jumpsuit. 

Christmas Ball or Dinner

For the more formal occasion, it’s going to have to be a dress.  The prospect is a little daunting considering the sheer abundance of dresses available, but to break it down for you, here are some foolproof options for the season:

Jewel Tones:

 They’re all over the catwalk and a great statement for yuletide.  Deep reds, greens, blues and purples all work really well with the festive theme and there are a plethora of fabric options at the moment, with velvet being particularly hot. Head to Asos to buy the velvet number below right.



We all love a bit of sparkle, and Christmas is the perfect time to showcase a glitzy dress!  Whether you prefer bodycon or skater skirt, it’s the sequins that matter and, despite being a big favourite every year, this look seems set to stay. The dresses below can be found at Asos and Topshop respectively.

red and gold 35P02ECRM_2_large

The LBD:

Every woman should have one… or four; it’s a staple, and the Little Black Dress will never let you down.  Available in a huge range of styles and still massive in the High Fashion world, it’s one dress you can definitely justify buying.


Christmas Drinks Party

The Smart Trousers and Top Look:

At first it might seem like a more boring option, but the trouser and top look is one of the most flattering outfits you can wear to a Christmas drinks party.

Earlier this week, Natalie Portman showed us all how to nail this look.  The flash of sparkle at the breast draws just the right amount of attention and adds an undeniable essence of glamour, party and festive season to her outfit.  The cinched waist of her top, which melded effortlessly into classy black cigarette trousers makes the outfit sophisticated and smacks of old-school Audrey Hepburn elegance.  Add a pair of sky-high black heels and you’re gold.

Of course, we can’t all afford Christian Dior Couture, but ‘Natalie Portman look’ can be easily replicated on the High Street with some smart black trousers from Zara and embellished top of your choice – available in almost every women’s clothing shop this time of year! 


The Jumpsuit:

And for the more daring Christmas drinks outfit?  Meld the top and trousers together to form a jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits have been on trend for well over a year now, and the right one will turn every head in the room – for all the right reasons! If you like the look of the jumpsuits featured here, head straight to Topshop and Misguided.

ella-29.10.12-mc1584_5 36P15EBLK_2_large

(image sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

by Heather Tarplee, Razz Fashion Correspondent

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