The Politics of The Skirt

 It’s the twenty-first century, and women in the UK can wear anything they want to.  Gone are the days when wearing trousers was reserved for men, and showing a mere ankle was scandalous.  But I wonder how women really feel in this post-women’s rights world when it comes down to what they wear. Skirts are still the epitome of femininity and yet so seldom do … Continue reading The Politics of The Skirt

Amsterdam Fashion: Tenue de Nîmes

  A lot of people are making plans to visit Amsterdam over Christmas (or ‘invade’ if you are part of Amsterdam Invasion, a somewhat degrading term in my opinion), and I think that is great. I remember my first time in Amsterdam: arriving at central station in late afternoon, me and two friends drifted around the east side of Amsterdam, in search of coffee shops … Continue reading Amsterdam Fashion: Tenue de Nîmes

St James Park Carol Service

The last week of term for any student usually involves a great deal of celebrating end of deadlines, not a lot of lecture attendance and a fervent attempt to cram as many Christmas related activities in as possible. It always seems surreal having to think Christmassy thoughts so early on in December but when you’re such a big a fan of the festive season as … Continue reading St James Park Carol Service

Gig Review: All We Are + The Livework Unit at The BikeShed

Sitting in the library desperately trying to concentrate on an essay that’s frying your brain, only to look out the window and realise that at four o’clock it’s nearly dark, is not the best of feelings. In one of my many moments of turning to social media relief, I stumbled across a tweet advertising a gig that night at The BikeShed Theatre, featuring the likes … Continue reading Gig Review: All We Are + The Livework Unit at The BikeShed

Interrailing in Eastern Europe

A ping pong bar, the best collection of art I’ve ever seen and lounging in a beautiful park with no company save for a few wandering peacocks. There is no way to sum up the two wonderful weeks I spent inter-railing through Eastern Europe last summer. After much debate my friends and I decided to for-go the traditional girls’ holiday to some sweltering Greek island … Continue reading Interrailing in Eastern Europe

The Exeter Blitz Project

  After a sell-out run in May 2012, Viva Voce is back at Exeter’s award winning Bike Shed Theatre with their acclaimed performance of The Exeter Blitz Project. Using first-hand verbatim testimony from those who witnessed the raids, Viva Voce have created an inspiring insight into Exeter in World War Two. “On the night of May 3rd, I recall walking up the road to a … Continue reading The Exeter Blitz Project

What’s The Point In Christmas?

It’s that time of year again – the time of year we all love, Christmas. For uni students, as deadlines rapidly approach and the end of first term draws speedily to a close, the thought of the Christmas holidays, prospectively spent with close family and friends, couldn’t come quickly enough. For millions across the globe, Christmas is a beautiful time of year, a time of … Continue reading What’s The Point In Christmas?

Review: The Man in the Moone at the Bikeshed Theatre

The four-man Rhum and Clay Theatre Company deliver a fresh and innovative performance in their physical theatre piece ‘The Man in the Moone’. Featured at the Edinburgh Fringe, their unique style is effortlessly likeable even if it is not immediately understood. Centering around one man’s (played by Julian Spooner) desire to reach the moon, the piece appeals to our very human desire to escape the … Continue reading Review: The Man in the Moone at the Bikeshed Theatre