Fashion: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming.  Despite loving Game of Thrones, I debated throwing in this little reference.  However, it’s true; the nights are drawing in, the temperature has plummeted and I, for one, am considering the purchase of a new winter coat.  Yes, it may seem expensive but it’s hardly an extravagance when you consider the fact that your winter coat will (hopefully) be keeping you warm every single day for the next few months – and I’m reliably informed by the BBC News team that we can expect snow from November through to February.  Suddenly, that Game of Thrones reference seems very apt.   You’re just a poor student in a badly insulated house and you’re shivering in bed, let alone outside.  Treat yourself, or at least beg your parents (this has got the sympathy vote written all over it).

Winter coat fashions vary much less than everyday fashions due to their staple and yearly-recycled nature.  But that’s no excuse to not pay attention to what’s going on in the high fashion world this winter.  I think we can safely rule out copying Victoria Beckham’s style – a sleeveless coat is downright ridiculous in practice, even if it does look quite impressive paraded down the catwalk – and though Paul Smith is using some beautiful vibrant colours to liven up the winter palette, bright purple isn’t a practical everyday kind of colour.  These absurdities aside, there are some clear fashions around this season, available on every budget.


the classic

The Classic:

Perhaps an ambiguous category name, I mean cuts and fabrics that hearken back to a quainter era.

·      Woollen ‘trench’ double-breasted coats are everywhere and, in a neutral tone like camel, you’ll look like Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter

·      Wool and tweed are always popular coat fabrics that are guaranteed to be wearable in 10 years time and fur trimmings always add an air of sophistication to your look. 



The Tomboy:

·      The parka is back in a big way (did it ever really leave?) and in coordination -friendly colours like navy and khaki, it’s a joy to put with virtually every outfit. 

·      There’s also the sporty bomber jackets are coming in with the 90s revival.  They’re bold and edgy, and, if you’re brave enough to wear one, you’ll turn every head down the street.

 the boyfriend

The Boyfriend:

So named because these coats are so big and slouchy you’ll look like you stole the coat from your other half.  Incredibly comfy but perhaps rather slovenly looking, these coats are often at least part cashmere (or a cheap alternative) and have beautiful slouching lines.  A word of warning: you risk looking swamped –perhaps a ‘try it on and get approval first’ coat.

belted coat blake 

The Feminine:

This season is all about the hourglass silhouette and, therefore, the cinched waist.  This girly look can be achieved in two types of coat.

·      The belted coat is everywhere!  Regardless of the coat fabric, a big belt to accentuate your little waist is bang on trend this winter.

·      Jackets haven’t ever left, but you’ll find biker jackets (both suede and leather) in high demand at the moment, with additions like fur collars and interiors being very popular.  Although perhaps not the warmest of coats, they always look very chic and feminine.

 by Heather Tarplee, Razz Fashion Correspondent

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