Fashion: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming.  Despite loving Game of Thrones, I debated throwing in this little reference.  However, it’s true; the nights are drawing in, the temperature has plummeted and I, for one, am considering the purchase of a new winter coat.  Yes, it may seem expensive but it’s hardly an extravagance when you consider the fact that your winter coat will (hopefully) be keeping you warm every … Continue reading Fashion: Winter is Coming

Review: EUTCO’s Polar Bears

My friend and I rocked up to EUTCO’s recent performance of Mark Haddon’s Polar Bears at quite short notice. We guessed from the title that it must be some sort of Christmas play, so off to campus we went singing Christmas songs (too early, I know). A quick look at the programme told us that the play was nothing of the sort. I should say straight away … Continue reading Review: EUTCO’s Polar Bears

Nightlife in Russia: From Vladivostok to Moscow to St Petersburg

My experience/passion of Russian nightlife began at the end of the world: Vladivostok, the tip of the eastern point of Russia. Tall, heavily made-up ladies skulked in dark corners of the club, smoking profusely, painted eyes latched onto my obviously out-of-place presence. Heavy techno music thudded from overhead speakers. The bar solemnly offered eighteen different brands of vodka. Yup, I thought to myself. This was … Continue reading Nightlife in Russia: From Vladivostok to Moscow to St Petersburg

Recipes: Healthy Food That Doesn’t Compromise on Taste

“Anything that tastes nice is fattening.” That, is not necessarily true. It is possible to create dishes that one can enjoy whilst staying healthy, and this is your ultimate guide. Soups. They are tasty. They are filling. ‘Nuff said. So why not pair them with a bowl of appetising salad for lunch. Thai Fish soup as inspired from Women’s Fitness Total time: 20 minutes Ingredients (2 Servings): 1 … Continue reading Recipes: Healthy Food That Doesn’t Compromise on Taste

In Doggerland Box of Tricks theatre company will be visiting Exeter Phoenix on Tuesday 26th November with award winning playwright Tom Morton-Smith’s compelling new play In Doggerland.  Tom Morton-Smith, an award-winning playwright and former writer-in-residence at Paines Plough is currently under commission with the Royal Shakespeare Company. In Doggerland tells the story of four people struggling to move forward under the weight of past trauma. The play … Continue reading In Doggerland

What Can East London Teach Us About Fashion?

No matter how many times I go to Brick Lane, it just never seems to lose its appeal: It is almost a cliché to state the obvious that the up-and-coming East London attracts a vast amount artistic energy of the city, just like East Williamsburg of New York and Joordan of Amsterdam. Fashion is ever-changing: trying to catching up with the latest trends and colors … Continue reading What Can East London Teach Us About Fashion?

Review: Blue Jasmine

Another of Woody Allen’s finest, Blue Jasmine depicts Jasmine’s (Cate Blanchett) demise from grace as she is haunted by her husband’s affairs, imprisonment and suicide. She is forced to trade her New York life of excess, wealth and socialites for her tacky, adoptive sister’s flat in San Francisco. Similar to my last review of Ferrante’s novel, we are presented with an unravelling woman. Cate Blanchett … Continue reading Review: Blue Jasmine

Exeter’s Very Different Bookshop

As an English student and avid reader myself, books form a substantial part of my life and I consequently feel it is my duty to get worked up about the rise of the electronic reader, decline of literature knowledge in society and other such book-y matters. It came as a pleasant surprise then, to discover a bookshop like no other here in the heart of … Continue reading Exeter’s Very Different Bookshop

Review: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

You may not be aware of it, but there is a world-class orchestra regularly performing on campus. It’s called the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, it was founded in 1893, and it plays venues in “the South and South West of England” – including Exeter’s own Great Hall. A few weeks ago, they opened their 2013-14 season with a concert enigmatically named “Elgar’s Enigma”. What, you may … Continue reading Review: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

In Search of Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands

  I woke at six AM to the sound of sea lions grunting outside, their booms echoing across the deserted beach. It was time to catch my boat to Floreana Island, where I had planned to go diving in search of penguins and turtles. On the way to the ferry port, I was distracted by bright red lobsters, low-flying frigatebirds, and the occasional slow plodding Galapagos tortoise. … Continue reading In Search of Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands