Jointventure Theatre at the Bike Shed

There is always a feeling of excitement when you get to witness something new beginning, something that you know will make a mark. Whether it’s an unknown musician playing in a pub, a stand-up comedian hidden in the recesses of YouTube or, in this case, an innovative new theatre company ready to take the stage.

The appropriately named Jointventure Theatre Company is a collaboration between University of Exeter graduates Jac Ifan Moore and Viki Browne. Having been awarded the University of Exeter/Bike Shed Theatre bursary for talented emerging companies, Jointventure have taken up residency at the Bike Shed Theatre from the 10th September through the 21st September.

They describe themselves as “a little company with big ideas” and this is certainly evident in their imaginative approach to contemporary issues. Already they are showing themselves to be a company full of ideas and eager to take on a variety of topics and genres from the “darkly comic” to stories inspired by real-life events.

They will be showcasing two performance works during their time at the Bike Shed:


Attempt is a darkly comic play about determination and failure. Taking inspiration from the poetry of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, Attempt introduces us to the world of one woman who offers us a glimpse into her life, and the story of her struggle with suicide. With a “spell-binding” solo performance, Attempt invites the audience to meet a character who is more like ourselves that we might imagine.”


“To a backdrop of running water and archival footage, Flood interweaves stories inspired by real-life events from 1960 and 2012. Accounts from Exeter’s inhabitants are blended with an ever-changing array of characters and the research notes of an unemployed weatherman. So throw on an anorak and pull on your wellies, to experience the story of Exeter’s floods like you’ve never heard it before.”


Attempt is showing on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 18th September @ 7:30pm

Flood is showing on the 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st September @ 7:30pm, plus a matinee performance on 21st September @ 2:30pm

Tickets can be booked @ and are £8.00 for students, with special £5.00 tickets for Tuesday performances, so what are you waiting for?

by Teresa Gale

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