Rosie Roff: A Model Life (Part Two)


In case you missed Part One of the interview with model – and friend of RAZZ – Rosie Roff, you can find it here.

TC: I imagine you spend a large amount of your time travelling; do you have any tips to ensure you arrive feeling revived and refreshed… without a first class ticket?

I’ve learnt the hard way – only very recently have I been offered business and first for work – it’s always a luxury flying in first. Something I will not ever take for granted after so many economy slogs back and forth! Most bookings fly you economy, which suits me if needs be: Gets me where I have to be after all. I’m petite so I slot quite nicely into the small seating in economy; I can curl up and watch some movies for a few hours.

Whether I’m in first or in economy, my trick is to take green tea or some herbal ones – I like to avoid the coffee and teas on flights to stay refreshed and less dehydrated – I ask for hot waters instead of accepting the drinks they offer. Chamomile is good too, for helping to sleep in sync with the new time zones.

Avoid alcohol, and drink lots of water. I like to take my own bottles on, after getting past security, from the airport shops, as I find they never really give you enough whilst you’re flying. The biggest noticeable difference between a night with lack of sleep, and a night on a plane with the same lack of sleep is the dehydration – my skin is always so affected. Avoid the salty snacks that airlines offer, as they only dehydrate you further. If you can, take on face wipes to remove your makeup once you’re on board before moisturising. Then do the same when you land!

Rosie Three

TC: You have just spent some time in Italy; to what extent does the country you’re currently in influence your wardrobe?

I love this question… I suppose every country you go to affects how you dress, even if it is just for the weather you have to dress accordingly.

In Miami, for example, you pick up on that glam beach vibe and you start to emulate it too, it’s a great excuse to pull out pieces from your wardrobe only appropriate for that particular time and place. I have bikinis that I would only ever use in Miami and would never dream of using in St Tropez; Cavalli and South Beach are perfect partners – summer time at its most fun!

Italy though, is different. It’s more than dressing for the weather or to fit in. Style completely surrounds you. It’s everywhere. For me, I’ve never been more affected by a country’s fashion and natural elegance as I am here. The difference in how men style and carry themselves here is vast in comparison to other countries; everything is always pressed and well put together. I appreciate menswear much more since arriving here; it’s more of an art for a man to dress well than for a woman I think.

For my own personal style, Italy has benefited me hugely, I’ve learnt the simplicity of style, it has to be perfectly simple though; I’ve become quite obsessed about having everything dry-cleaned and pressed. It has to be simple but smart. Simple and creased should never happen. I’ve also learnt that elegance is the sexiest thing a woman can offer. This is a huge contrast against some of my glamour-based images in the past, I wish I had seen and learnt this sooner. Italians can look at a beautiful woman, and if she has no elegance to her, they can’t comprehend her attractiveness. Simplicity is the key. I wish I’d had a style master class in Milan before hitting my teens; I would have saved myself from many fashion disasters. I’m happy to let Italian style help evolve me into a well-dressed woman. I advise everyone to visit for a style lesson or two!

TC: And, if anyone is lucky enough to be visiting Rome this summer, where is THE place to be seen, in your opinion?

Daytime: go shopping along the Via Condotti, you’ll find all the best stores there, Chanel, Valentino, Dior… Have ice cream at Groma! It’s the best you’ll ever taste. Then I would go to the Hotel de Russie for aperitifs and champagne cocktails before dinner. The best sushi place is Shinto! Clubbing wise, I go to the Art Cafe… and stay up late enough to watch the sunrise over Rome at Fontana Paolina.

TC: It goes without saying that you’re a very attractive woman, how would you describe your style? Are there any women who inspire your look?

Thank you! I think my style is still evolving, it’s a mix of everywhere I’ve been; it has a touch of Miami glam with a European influence. It gets simpler everyday… I feel it becoming more classical; looks I preferred a year ago, I feel I’ve grown out of.

I always loved classic looks, like Grace Kelly in Catch a Thief, with her simple dresses, with beautiful floating fabrics, and those jewels! Of course, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, although I wasn’t always in the right circumstances to wear that type of style. Recently though I’ve been attending events and leading a life a little more appropriate! I was lucky enough to attend the De Grisogono party in Cannes during the film festival, the style there was impeccable. In fact every event at the festival was a fashion inspiration.

Rosie Four

by Toby Craddock

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