Rosie Roff: A Model Life (Part One)

 Being able to cite trend setting and jet setting as career highlights is a day-to-day reality for international model – and friend of RAZZ – Rosie Roff. This week, we are thrilled to bring to you an exclusive insight into her love affair with continental style, her top tips for first class travel on an economy ticket and the realities of the modelling industry in 2013.

Rosie Two

Rosie’s success as a swimwear model has garnered her covers and multiple features in FHM, Maxim and Sport’s Illustrated but she has begun to spread her wings, both metaphorically and literally, in a recent photo shoot wit

h renowned photographer Tom Fraud. Intent on broadening her horizons, success in Miami and California has spawned demand in Italy and France, where she is beginning to find lucrative jobs in fashion modelling at her manicured fingertips.

Rosie One

Disarmingly honest and devastatingly beautiful with her bee-stung pout, angular cheekbones and eyes that her legions of fans get lost in, Rosie was refreshingly candid in our interview. Having previously balanced her modelling work with a law degree, take a look at Rosie’s articulate responses below:

TC: Obviously, as an international swimwear model you have worked in a variety of exotic locales. From Miami to the Swiss Alps and now Rome and Milan, where do you prefer working?

I love travelling, it is the ultimate modeling perk… I would choose this path all over again just to see the world in the way I have all over again: I feel very lucky. Retrospectively, I also feel lucky in the fact that the UK market never really accepted me as wholly as some of the international ones have. I used to get upset about it, and take the rejections as a personal blow, but now I look back and see it was never meant to be. Sometimes you aren’t supposed to fit, because you fit in perfectly somewhere else.

I fall in love with everywhere I visit. I picture myself living there; I fall in love with cultures, fashions, foods and people. I love each place just the same, but always for different reasons.

I love the productivity in the USA – I achieve so much more there than anywhere else – the entertainment industry began there, and continues to dominate there, so for me choosing to move there was a must, for the time being at least. The people are gorgeously friendly; I find them sincere and welcoming. I’ve never experienced people who are genuinely willing to help and offer themselves for nothing in return as I have the Americans. I hadn’t always heard that opinion prior to visiting, I think many Europeans are weary of American friendliness: They obviously didn’t meet the people I did! Many of my best friends are now American and their positivity is both real and infectious. In the UK I have found that if you have an idea or want to pursue something new, the first response is often the possibilities of failing or the negatives surrounding it. In the USA, an idea is approached with the positive aspects first. It’s amazing how much more you can achieve with that viewpoint.

My current love is Italy though. I’ve spent so much time here recently. The fashions and the food are unbeatable; I half fall in love with each Italian man I meet! The chivalrous gentleman culture exists strongly here, much more than in the UK. I’m not claiming that it is a perfect culture, but it has swept me off my feet for the summer. When you surround yourself in a culture, opportunity arises from it too. I am shooting for a magazine here, and I have also been booked to shoot a job in the USA; following the shoot I’m returning to Italy for signings in Milan and Rome.

Part Two of the Rosie Roff interview will follow next week!.

by Toby Craddock

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