Exeter Ignite: The Bikeshed

Are you unsure what shows you’d like to see as part of Exeter’s Ignite Festival? Here are some more details about some of the performances going on at The Bikeshed Theatre.

Substance & Shadow Theatre Present: Skin Deep

A SKIN DEEP 110Skin Deep takes the audience on a Double Decker bus ride back to the eighties to experience how subcultures, that evolved in Britain’s major cities, sent a shockwave that reverberated across the UK and touched the hearts and minds of West Country youths. From Kingston via The Kings Road to Sidwell Street, Skin Deep evokes memories of the unique culture of eighties Exeter; the places and the people. It is a celebration of subculture that is comic, tragic and deeply poignant.

Skin Deep is an original play by Rosie & Midge Mullin and was first performed at The Bike Shed Theatre as part of the From Devon with Love Festival in January of this year. It received favourable reviews and the show sold out. Substance & Shadow Theatre are an exciting new Exeter based theatre company who are passionate about producing powerful, thought provoking and challenging drama. They are self funded and therefore, budget restricted. Nevertheless, they aspire to create quality drama that is both inventive and original.

“I thought the performance was utterly brilliant. Grass roots theatre at it’s greatest. Executed and directed wonderfully and saturated with humour and politics, it’s a real winner for me. I came out of the theatre claiming it had been a life changing experience, to which I still hold true.”
Sally Trivett – Arts Award Magazine

“The small cast from Substance & Shadow Theatre used a basic set and props, four wooden chairs and a few on-stage outfit changes, brilliantly. They never missed a beat and the acting was seamless throughout.”
Jenna Richards – Phonic FM

Dates: Mon 3rd June – 9.00 pm and Sat 8th June –1.30 pm

Tickets: £6.00

Audience: Contains strong language and adult themes.

FellSwoop Theatre presents: Ablutions

Adapted from the novel by Patrick deWittAblutions - Bar Images 1

Following the success of Belleville Rendez-vous, award-winning FellSwoop Theatre return with a dark, boozy, grimly funny tale from the sodden depths of the Los Angeles underworld, blending a live soundtrack, detailed mime and the heart-wrenching humour of Patrick deWitt.

Picture yourself as a bartender, sipping top-shelf whiskey and watching your customers descend into nightly oblivion. Your heart is broken by the world around you and, leaving your whiskey aside, you hatch a devious, unthinkable plan of escape…

Based in Bristol, FellSwoop Theatre is a touring theatre company focused on adaptation and exploring the relationship between live music and the stage. The company’s previous show, Belleville Rendez-vous, won the NSDF Emerging Artists Award 2011 and was critically acclaimed nationwide on its sell-out tour. Ablutions has been devised by FellSwoop Theatre and selected as part of Bristol Ferment, Bristol Old Vic’s new work development programme. The production is commissioned by Bristol Old Vic Ferment and supported by Arts Council England. Ablutions was Patrick deWitt’s first novel and his most recent, The Sisters Brothers, was nominated for the Man Booker Prize. 

For more information on Fellswoop Theatre, take a look at their website here

“The performances from the small cast are excellent…Fellswoop Theatre have adapted deWitt’s novel brilliantly.”

★★★★ The Bristol Post

“An absorbing new production from an energetic, intelligent and seriously talented young company.”

Claire Thinking

“The production shows life warts and all but with real humour and respect for the original source material.”

★★★★ WhatsOnStage.com

“To miss Ablutions would be a big mistake.”

★★★★ The Public Reviews

A word on Ablutions by the director, Bertrand Lesca (who has recently worked with Peter Brook and Cheek By Jowl):

“I consider Ablutions an essential work of literature, one we are thrilled to bring to the stage. Presenting the epic tale of a man going on an existential quest across America has opened up new and exciting creative opportunities for the performers.”

Dates: Thurs 6th June – 8.40 pm, Fri 7th June  4.50pm, and Sat 8th June – 8.40 pm

Tickets £6

Audience: Suitable for 12yrs+ (contains swearing and adult themes)

Roughtriangle theatre presents: After Party Performance

After PartyAfter Party Performance brings together two separate pieces of work that Rough Triangle have created and performed within the last year. The original shows were performed on two very specific dates; the actual birthdays of the Rough Triangle performers.This party performance combines elements of both pieces, a staged adaptation of the original events. The act of making and performing the original shows are unravelled in line with the actual stories, rituals and images that played out within them; a deconstructive birthday bonanza.

We invite our guests to join in with the fun, share their thoughts and make the most of the party games whilst periodically reminding them of their position within the party hierarchy. It’s the birthday boys’ special day after all. We haphazardly work towards creating a party atmosphere that allows us to explore the constructs of celebrating through a blend of story-telling, game playing, humour and our ‘do it yourself’ style of performance-making. Expect limelight hogging, gift hoarding, goody bags, balloons and party poppers, all interspersed with reminders of our own mortality, after all how many parties do we have left?

They  are a newly formed, two-man, performance art collective based in Leeds; Luke Fairbotham and Andrew Bill Roberts. They aim to develop a body of work that reflects an ever changing environment and makes use of the diverse performance disciplines that emerge from it, from the creative to the everyday. They have worked together for almost 18 months now and in that time, have developed four original devised pieces of work, including end on theatre shows, an immersive experience and a durational installation performance, showcased primarily around Leeds.

Dates: Tues 4th June – 9.30pm

Tickets: £6

Audience: 15 above due to a couple of naughty words

Another Story Theatre Company presents: Lay Them Straight 

A new play by Gaelle Stark-OrdishLay Them Straight

One, two, buckle my shoe

Three, four, knock at the door

Five, six, pick up sticks

Seven, eight, lay them straight….

Anita has worked at ‘Quinquireme’ travel agency for as long as she can remember. She loves the excitement of sending people off on holiday to far-flung places with exotic sounding names, and beautiful pictures in the brochures. Alas, as an agoraphobic and OCD sufferer, for her such journeys exist only in the world of daydreams.

Then, one day, much the same as any other, a young man called Tristan walks in through the door. The attraction is instant, but Anita is afraid… eventually she agrees to go on a date with him and slowly their relationship starts to develop. However, when Tristan suggests going on a holiday, it suddenly all gets a bit too much for Anita.

This story is not a fairy-tale, where true love conquers all; rather it is a story of feeling that fear and then trying everyday to do it anyway.

Another Story Theatre Company seeks to create thought-provoking productions, which provide a space for people of a wide variety of ages to engage with different forms of theatre. They are a fairly small company, based in Devon, which specialises in new writing. They  work very collaboratively and organically in rehearsal. Their theatre is minimalist in style, merging realism with more theatrical elements, often using song, or direct address to tell our stories, with the actors changing set/costume in front of the audience.

‘A fantastic piece of new writing by an exciting up and coming company…’ Joseph Leigh (thepublicreviews.com)

‘Intense, dramatic, exceptional theatre that is innovative, thought provoking and engaging’ Emma Carter  (Art Programme Manager – High Cross House)

For more information about Another Story Theatre, take a look at their website here or follow them on twitter @anotherstorytc

Dates: Fri 7th June – 1.20pm and Sat 8th June – 4pm

Tickets: £6

Don’t miss out on some wonderful performances, get yourself down to the Bikeshed at the start of June! Information about all their coming performances can be found on their website here.

Handprint Theatre presents Something’s Gotta Give

E Flyer IgniteAn exploration of the celebrity, Britney Spears to Marilyn Monroe; we build them up to bring them down! Stories reveal a glamorous portrayal of successful life-through-art or a bitter shattering of our idols. Why do we love to hate; the public dismembering of Britney Spears lay-bare beside the adoration of Marilyn Monroe.

Handprint Theatre is a vibrant company who create theatre which is artistic and accessible to both Deaf and Hearing Integrated audiences. Not segregating but allowing audiences to share performances which communicate across language, disability or culture.  Handprint use a combination of anything they can get their hands on to strive to make an exciting style of theatre.

The company has created shows and projects which have inspired and created work for many Deaf and hearing performers and educators and one of the founding members is originally from Exeter.  This has included work in the West End with The Lion King, Billy Elliot, Shrek, and Wicked making accessible experiences for young Deaf people inspiring them to a future in the arts.

Something’s Gotta Give is a combination of sign theatre, physicality, music, multi-media, puppetry and British Sign Language, creating an intimate journey questioning our relationships with fleeting often fatal celebrities, relishing the highs and lows.
Originally created for the Battersea Arts Centre Scratch Festival 2009, this piece has been redeveloped into a glamorous yet gritty reflection of those idols we love to hate; a stunning yet sickening exploration of the celebrity.

‘They seamlessly weave puppetry, song and a highly physical style of action with signed and spoken narrative to create meaningful interactive experiences for audiences and participants.’ 2011

Handprint Theatre have just performed at the Brighton Fringe, and hope to work with local secondary schools/colleges in Exeter hoping to inspire Deaf awareness and visual storytelling. Participants will get to question their own relationship with celebrities, and consider the consequences of the bear-pit of the public eye.The company are offering workshops to local schools when they book a group of tickets, for more information please email the company directly.

‘They gently present a balanced mix of highly inspirational practice with accessibility and without intimidation. Handprint are empowering collaborators who encourage safe risk taking and instigate long term and sustainable change.’ 2011

Handprint Theatre are dedicated to creating positive opportunities for young people, and exploring performance with social reference, striving to develop creative communication that all can share in.  They have been performing across the UK and hope to contribute to the dynamic cultural developments in the arts for Deaf and hearing people.

Dates: Wed 5th June – 5.10pm and Thurs 6th June – 7.40pm

Tickets: £6

RemoteControl Theatre presents La Donna è Mobile0

RemoteControl invite you to plunge headfirst into the bold, daring and daft world of La Donna è Mobile, where darkness drips from every orifice and the private and perverse begin to creep out of the shadows and into the light.

“strikingly beautiful, strange and haunting”

The piece takes inspiration from photographs of hysteria patients at the Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris in the late 19thcentury, while under the direction of the famous Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot.  It was believed that the extreme contortions of the body were triggered by the innermost passions of the soul. La Donna è Mobile is a complete dissection of womankind, intestines and all.  

Lecoq-trained RemoteControl are an international physical theatre company comprised of four women hailing from Italy, Norway, the United States, and England. This is the company’s first full-length piece. The creation process was heavily inspired by the decision to work in an isolated environment, a remote island at 71 degrees north, Norway where RemoteControl spent a month in residency.

 “ a piece that brought to mind the imagery and surreality of the work of David Lynch.”MADEUP, Liverpool

Words are no longer enough, the body must now speak and what will it say?

La Donna è Mobile was previously presented as a work-in-progress at Arktisk Kultursenter, Hammerfest City, Norway in collaboration with Dansearena nord, and in Liverpool as part of Fest Live 2013. Check out the trailer here.

Dates: Thus 6th June – 3.50pm and Fri 7th June – 7.50pm

Happy watching! Razz love, Becky xx

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