The Lo-Fi Lowdown

Every year without fail, fashion editors descend upon London, Paris and Milan for the latest Spring Summer collections. Within days their magazine layouts showcase looks that are instantly covetable… and notoriously difficult to reproduce! This year has been no exception with the fashion press backing lo-fi fashion for Summer 2013.


Lo-Fi celebrates a minimal, no-nonsense approach to dressing, which has previously appeared in music as a standalone, stripped-back genre and – for the technocrats out there – as a popular filter on the iPhone app Instagram. As hi-fi sounds and pin sharp images are clearly too ‘mainstream’ for us bright, young things, it was hardly surprising that the designers reacted to the onset of Summer with thrown-together outfits and artfully disheveled models. Although lo-fi fashion can be a double-edged sword for mere mortals – ironically the more effortless you try and appear, the more effort is necessitated – all it takes is a little bit of savvy to perfect your very own lo-fi look that any off-duty model would be proud of.

Using Kate Moss and Blake Lively as your lo-fi muses, you can instantly recognise the three ingredients for boho cool; or as I like to call it ‘The Holy Trinity of Primrose Hill’. From the head down you need deconstructed hair (read: constructed bed head) breezy layers in a cool palette that have been scooped up from the floor of your apartment-slash-studio (read: dry clean only, standalone pieces) and a pair of shoes that have already seen Coachella and will probably see you through to Glastonbury (read: sports luxe high tops that have only ever seen the inside of an Apple store). Sorry, I know ignorance is bliss but the irony of lo-fi simply cannot be avoided; honesty is the best policy here, at least.

It is in this spirit that we must recognise that we are not in hipster enclave Byron Bay and understand that the British Summer is notorious for temperamental weather. The biggest investment involved here is practical footwear, build your lo-fi look around a great pair of shoes that can theoretically take you from the library to a gallery opening without spraining your ankle or straining your style.


These Hudson boots update the staple ankle boot with four buckles adorning each heel. Team your new kicks with a print short, I’ve opted for this moderately priced pair from Religion. They are distressed without looking as though they are literally falling apart and the hit of red highlight lo-fi’s devil may care approach. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the shorts will imbue you with legs as limitless as this model’s but they are still a sound investment for Summer!

Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw and wear underwear as outerwear, albeit under this translucent shirt from Theory. The tie at the bottom of the further exaggerates its relaxed appeal and prevents it from appearing too authoritarian. As previously stated, this isn’t a look that favours the so-called ‘geek chic‘ – those fortunate to be born ‘lo-fi’ are so blessed they rarely complete a full day’s work in their entire lives! This jellyfish print bikini – complete with corset bustier – comes in a brilliant cobalt blue and – before I get lynched by the students – it’s 50% off in the ASOS sale. Perfect when you’re whisked away to the Amalfi coast at the last minute and you don’t have time to
grab a suitcase..

Dare to dream with this kitsch coral ring from Saint Laurent and apply Bumble & Bumble’s surf spray liberally for hair set as high as your sights.

Best of luck and remember to pack your passport!

Razz love, Toby x

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