Great Gorilla!

The University has signed up to be part of The Great Gorillas Project, launched by Paignton Zoo to celebrate 90 years of conservation and education. Exeter will be sponsoring a fantastic piece of three dimensional art – a life size Gorilla! All students are invited to submit a design for a gorilla and the winning design, chosen by a panel of judges, will receive £250 and have … Continue reading Great Gorilla!

The Lo-Fi Lowdown

Every year without fail, fashion editors descend upon London, Paris and Milan for the latest Spring Summer collections. Within days their magazine layouts showcase looks that are instantly covetable… and notoriously difficult to reproduce! This year has been no exception with the fashion press backing lo-fi fashion for Summer 2013. Lo-Fi celebrates a minimal, no-nonsense approach to dressing, which has previously appeared in music as a standalone, stripped-back genre … Continue reading The Lo-Fi Lowdown

Refusing to be silenced

Writing and publishing a novel in English is a daunting process, but imagine being faced with the task of writing one in your second, or third language. For some authors, writing in another language is a way for them to break away from the country, culture or background that they come from. It can give them the ability to speak about forbidden or taboo subjects, … Continue reading Refusing to be silenced

Issue 15: 90s and Now

The next Razz theme is… 90s and NOW.   We thought we would finish the year with a fun (if not slightly nostalgic) issue! As usual we want opinion pieces, interviews, models, photographers, images, paintings, art, fashion, features, creative writing etc. Here are some ideas to get you started: ‘Cool Britannia‘ In the 90s, a change from years of conservative rule to New Labour headed by … Continue reading Issue 15: 90s and Now

Out of your League

The fashion industry’s stance on cutting edge style immediately conjures up images of trailblazing designers, such as Vivienne Westwood and the late (great) Alexander McQueen. Many designers, from Jil Sander to Junya Watanabe, spend their illustrious – and often notorious – careers championing the individual and his need for extreme self-expression. One would be mistaken, however, to limit such courageous style within the confines of anti-establishment rebellion and the realms … Continue reading Out of your League

Talented Razzers: Poetry and Photography

The Alice Question Her face is pressed against the searing ice that weeps cold tears which cluster in the corners, taking shelter beneath her lashes. There are tyre track imprints on her shadow-touched cheek. She is a sketch, steel limbs marked out in graphite pencil and glittering grey in the glow of halogen street lights. The rain is a kaleidoscope of colour on the camera … Continue reading Talented Razzers: Poetry and Photography

Thought Becomes Action

In Exeter’s leading contemporary art gallery, Spacex, British artist Katy Dove presents a selection of new and recent animated films alongside print based works in her exhibition ‘Thought Becomes Action
’, 9 March–4 May. Dove’s use of mesmerising kaleidoscopic compositions can be interpreted as a kind of aesthetic essentialism, or the distillation of the everyday into fundamental shapes, sounds and colours. A combination of the handmade and the digital, her work … Continue reading Thought Becomes Action