City Slickers

In the past seven months I have been lucky enough to visit two cities which I had most wanted to visit in the world – New York and Paris. Although both renowned for tourism and sightseeing, in my opinion, the two are miles apart (over 3600 miles to be precise!)

The first thing I noticed about New York was the sheer amount of people bustling through the busy streets. Paris, on the other hand, whilst still full of tourists, had a quainter feel to the busyness. The streets of New York were loud and at times I felt as though I would lose grasp of my boyfriend’s hand. Paris, however, was easy to walk around (and a lot of walking we did).


Due to the time of the year of my visits (September for New York, and December for Paris), the weather was hugely different. I stepped out of my hotel in New York wearing shorts, a vest top and sandals, donning sunglasses and awaiting the next inside stop for the delighting feel of the air con that came with it. I ventured outside in Paris with my coat zipped up to my ears, a scarf wrapped three times, tightly, around my neck and boots on my feet. Although cold, Paris was clear and the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower undistorted.

As typically English as it sounds, I liked the fact that I was understood wherever I went in New York, and even praised for my ‘cute’ British accent. I have never spoken French, and the phrasebook only just about got me by in Paris. The French accent however, when natural, is beautiful and I enjoyed hearing the locals speak – even though I could barely understand a thing!


I saw all the sights that I really wanted to see in both New York and Paris. It’s hard to pick an overall favourite, but the Eiffel Tower is pretty spectacular (even after the three hour queue) and Liberty Island at sunset is truly beautiful. I am so happy that by twenty-one years of age I have already visited two of the best cities in the world and I hope to add to this list as soon as I can!

Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Bangkok… they are all on my list. Time to get travelling…

Lots of Razz love, Jess xx

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