Happy Easter from Razz (and Pennywells)!

Everyone here at Razz would like to wish you a very happy Easter!  If you’re stuck in Exe for the Easter weekend though, why not celebrate at Razz’s favourite Devon day out? Pennywells! Spring time means lots of baby animals, including lambs, goat kids, ducklings and of course, the world famous Pennywell Miniature Piglets, so it’s the perfect time to go! The Pennywell Pig Show is launching … Continue reading Happy Easter from Razz (and Pennywells)!

Bypassing ‘the block’

Writer’s block is horrendous. I’m suffering from it right now, so I think I’ll grab a coffee. Sometimes simple solutions, like running as far away from the computer screen as possible, can work wonders. But often they don’t, or else you simply don’t have time. When you’re in the middle of an exam, floundering in the library on deadline day, or struggling in the office, writer’s block inevitably creeps up. … Continue reading Bypassing ‘the block’

A big thank you to the amazing Hannah Peck

As you all know, we have just unveiled our new RAZZ t-shirt design. This is the first time RAZZ has worked with stash/clothing designers, and our team is delighted to announce we are finally ready to print! If you want to order a unisex t-shirt please get in touch at razzmag@gmail.com Here’s a size guide: S 34/36 inches M 38/40 L 42/44 XL 46/48 XXL … Continue reading A big thank you to the amazing Hannah Peck

The Devil in the Detail

Review of Richard Alston’s Dance Company at the Northcott 26th Feb The show was comprised of three pieces with an interval between each. The first was a revival of one of Alston‘s classic pieces “The Devil in the Detail” based on the music of Scott Joplin. The second was a relatively new piece called “Buzzing round the Hunnisuckle” set to pieces by Jo Kondo. And … Continue reading The Devil in the Detail

The Rave and the Wage

Razz writer, Ryan Thompson, goes against the grain with this short story… The policeman stopped the car, and administered a breathalyser. It was clear; so he sent a Ford Fiesta crammed with five early twentysomething males on their way. Their bleary red eyes couldn’t believe it. Technology still wouldn’t detect their illicit habit – even in 1992! It was raining as we talked, and his … Continue reading The Rave and the Wage


With the Summer term fast approaching, you would be foolish to dismiss the swathes of grey clouds above Exeter as indicative of the next few months. Easter should never be left isolated within the realms of revision, deadlines and dwindling finances, when such wondrous promise is only around the corner… post the odd dissertation. Indeed, nothing encapsulates the joie de vivre of June, July & August more than updating your … Continue reading enCAPSULATE

Lichtenstein: More Than Just Dots

Roy Lichtenstein has always been one of my favourite artists, so I was excited to hear that the Tate were running an exhibition of his work this Spring. I thought I knew his portfolio reasonably well, but apparently I was wrong. The vast collection travelled through his work chronologically, and I learnt a huge amount about his techniques and influences, and how intricate and technical … Continue reading Lichtenstein: More Than Just Dots

A Crash Course in ‘Funny’

I recently made the rather rash decision of agreeing to perform a stand-up comedy set for a Comic Relief night, a decision I have at times regretted and at others considered a stroke of genius. It wasn’t a decision completely out of the blue; I’ve been writing comedy for the stage for several years now, and since I came to Exeter in September I’ve continued with … Continue reading A Crash Course in ‘Funny’

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

Was 1960s Britain as sexually liberal as we all thought? 2012 was the year the mod crept, tassel loafers intact, from the grave of British pop culture. The button up polo, the parka, and the wrinkled resurgence of the Stones all show a craving for 60s living. Even sport can’t escape it, as Bradley Wiggins (who’s partial to buttoning up his polo shirt and idolising Paul Weller) has been … Continue reading Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll