Small World

On a cold Friday evening on the train home from Exeter to Reading, I certainly wasn’t expecting to have the amazing luck of meeting Juno Temple, renowned British actress and recent recipient of a BAFTA voted for by the British public. But no, that’s exactly what happened, showing what a small world we all live in and how it’s entirely possible to bump into a national, even international, star … Continue reading Small World

Careers in Writing

My name, unfortunately, is Gregory Hoare. That’s why I like writing. On paper my surname (almost) lacks negative connotations. In fact, it looks more like ‘hoar’ > meaning ‘frost’ > which implies ‘white haired’ or ‘wise’ (perfectly logical), than the ‘whore’ that it sounds like phonetically. Last year I was the Creative Editor for Razz, where I worked with some of the lovely current team to regulate creative … Continue reading Careers in Writing

Distortion and Control Sneak Preview…

It was a cold, wet, grey day when we all turned up for Issue 14’s photo shoot… but luckily we had chosen the beautiful interior of Reed Hall as the backdrop for our high class, quirky spread. We had more models than normal, so hair and makeup was a frantic affair, but thanks to our great editorial team, some fab helpers and an amazing professional … Continue reading Distortion and Control Sneak Preview…

Roses are dead, Violets are through…

The significance of February 14th has completely permeated our national subconscious and, whether you like it or not, opting out of Valentine’s Day is no longer an option. In 2013, the siren call of the corporate holiday was louder than ever, as struggling businesses vied for the attention of couples and singletons alike. Nevertheless, you would be making a mistake if you assume the sheer volume of advertising … Continue reading Roses are dead, Violets are through…

Histoire et Les Miserables

The highly successful film, Les Miserables, was recently released to much critical acclaim, with swathes of teenagers, pensioners, families and lovers filling cinemas across the country to enjoy what has been promised as an unforgettable experience. Based on Victor Hugo’s much loved book, this is a poignant musical with excellent singing – particularly from Anne Hathaway – and stunning settings in, of course, Paris, France. But what about history, and its … Continue reading Histoire et Les Miserables

The Travelling Text Kiosk

The Travelling Text Kiosk is a mobile shop making its way around Exeter from Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd February, selling locally made artsy produce. You can find artwork, limited edition prints, bags, mugs, posters, badges and textile trinkets. Prices start from just 50p! It launches at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum 5.30-7.30pm, Saturday 16th February. The stock for sale at the kiosk has been produced by young people with … Continue reading The Travelling Text Kiosk

Natural Disaster

Razz writer Krissi Hill mixes it up a little bit with some creative writing about the imagined aftermath of Hurricane Sandy… The tall palm trees blur into one as we rush past their rare and imposing presence. The majority have been chopped down to build huts and god knows what else, boats probably. That’s all they have here. The land, the goats and the sea. A lonely life for … Continue reading Natural Disaster

Winter Warmed

The Bikeshed Theatre is currently hosting Winter Warmed, a three-week festival celebrating the works of Samuel Beckett through the talents of local and regional theatre-makers. The centre-piece of the festival is a production of Endgame, one of Beckett’s best known plays, but also included are an array of other works by Beckett and other playwrights inspired by him. Endgame is a powerful exploration of human loneliness and despair. … Continue reading Winter Warmed