Bill McArthur: Artists of the Orkneys

Reading the recent feature on Hiroshi Sugimoto and how the sea inspired his work, I was reminded of artist Bill McArthur. After moving to the Orkney Islands, his art concentrated heavily on the sea (the main view on a small island). He was interested in wave action and the way in which strong winds de-naturize water, turning it from a liquid substance to flying wind-borne spray. Equally fascinating to him was the way in which tide influences a wave’s profile, and the effect of rocks and shallow water on how a wave disperses its energy.

Skye Beach
Orkney Dawn
Tide Rost at the Brough of Birsay
Midnight Breaker

I went to the Orkney islands myself last year, and was shocked by the amount of artists making a living from their work around the island. But when you see the surroundings, it’s not surprising that so many people are inspired. A keen photographer myself, I too tried my hand at capturing the beautiful seascape. I was inspired by the close symmetry between the blue sky and sea, and also by the way the light plays on the water. Unlike most, I was lucky to see Orkney in the sun.




There’s no need to go as far as Orkney though. This was taken in Bournemouth…

IMGP1211 01-02-55

And this is Saunton, Devon….


For more on Bill McArthur, see

Photo Credits: Katy McIntosh.

Lots of Razz love, Katy. xxx.

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