Washed Away

Ever the topic of conversation in England, the weather is making news right now. Whether the weather is hot or cold, sunshine or snowfall, we Brits can always find time to complain. With the floods currently embracing Exeter, I for one am groaning and grumbling with every drop of rain.

I know I am not alone when I moan about leaving the house in the latest South West downpour, umbrella caving in above me, water soaking through my not-so-waterproof boots. Similarly, surely other people complain equally as much when the sun is shining so brightly into your bedroom that not only does it awaken you from your drunken slumber, but it reflects off your computer screen in such a way that you can’t quite focus on the latest episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ (or other trashy TV show to be inserted here).

This country just is not geared up for extreme weather conditions. The first bit of snow on the ground causes traffic hold-ups for miles, whilst the dial ticking above 20 means that men feel it is acceptable to walk around shirtless and women clad themselves in teeny tiny hot pants and what can only really be called a bra! The floods have caused the trains to stop, and everyone in Exeter is stranded! The issue is that England just cannot make up its mind. One day can be gloriously sunny, with the next seeming like Monsoon season. Other countries have far more snow, and far hotter temperatures, but are generally more predictable and so have the appliances to deal with the extremes. Maybe it’s time Britain invested in some coping measures, because the crazy weather certainly isn’t going to stop any time soon!

As hard as it is to smile through the rain or laugh off those ridiculous tan lines, just remember that tomorrow is another day and another day means another unpredictable English weather nightmare. Enjoy.

Razz love, Jess. xxx

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