HIT ON ALL SIX and our New Logo!

It was just over a week ago now when RAZZ teamed up with Bake Soc, University Big Band, Swing Soc, RAG and the Exeter Phoenix to bring you HIT ON ALL SIX.

The night was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who was involved in organising and performing and to everyone that came along and danced the night away (and those last stragglers dancing on the stage with the DJ!)  It was truly a unique and fantastic night.

Below are a couple of the best snaps from the night. Thanks to our photographer Niklas Rahmel….


Everyone having a good time!


Some of the RAZZ committee looking glamorous…


More Swing!


Derek’s favourite move…


The fantastic Big Band blew us away


Swing Soc performance

HOA6 copy

The rest of RAZZ committee!


Later on people got a little more daring and danced up on stage with the DJ!

And introducing our New Logo…By Hannah Peck

This will be appearing on our NEW T-SHIRT STASH in the New Year…


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