Be Aware, Keep Safe, Have Fun

We, as students, are all too familiar with the standard procedure that ensues on a night out. At the beginning of the night we will almost always pre-drink (for me this is usually a bottle of wine.) Once suitably hammered we then stagger into a nightclub and proceed to order shots, jager bombs and double-whatevers, followed by even more jager bombs. By the end of the night you’re … Continue reading Be Aware, Keep Safe, Have Fun

Florence in Exeter

The award-winning Florence and the Machine kicked off their UK Ceremonials tour in Exeter, to a sold-out Westpoint Arena on Tuesday 4th December. The pressure was on, after Florence gave a show-stopping performance of Gimme Shelter with the Rolling Stones at the O2 arena in London; the Exeter crowd were expecting a stellar performance. And Florence with her machine did not disappoint. In a way that only Florence … Continue reading Florence in Exeter

Snow Babies

I’m not even going to attempt to cover this up as ‘a review of the BBC’s latest interesting and informative seasonally appropriate nature documentary’…as I only watched Snow Babies because it had baby animals in the title! Though they have tried their best to make to it educational, I found that if you are as into nature documentaries (especially ones about little babies!) as I … Continue reading Snow Babies

Everyone’s Christmas Is Different

Everyone has a very clear view on what Christmas should be like, but each person thinks differently. One person’s traditional Christmas seems completely wrong to someone else. It all boils down to that one word: tradition. So Razz asked its writers to tell us what Christmas is to you… Beth Evans Christmas in our house happens in a mad rush. With our family, life seems … Continue reading Everyone’s Christmas Is Different

Upcycling This Christmas

This is my handy guide to the Upcycling trend. Upcycling is all about making something lovely and useful from old and tired objects that are on their way to the dustbin. As we all know, any self-respecting student is living on baked beans by this point in the term, with very little in reserve for presents. Christmas is all about giving and this is a charming way of showing how … Continue reading Upcycling This Christmas

Miss Freda’s Alternative Xmas Market

On a crisp, clear Saturday, just off of Exeter’s main high street, Barnfield Theatre was not offering your average theatre performance but alternatively a Christmas market with a difference. The stalls on offer were not from commercial companies nor were there items for sale which you could easily find in the likes of Princesshay. Instead, the market offered handmade goods, ranging from eye-catching tie-dye socks to animals crafted … Continue reading Miss Freda’s Alternative Xmas Market