How to do 1920s

Come 2nd December to HIT ON ALL SIX and look dapper as a flapper…

All clothing & accessories available from

Add some SPARKLE with diamonds and jewels…..

…SEQUINS and FRINGING brings Hollywood glamour to the roaring twenties…

…For true ‘20s, try a drop waist hem and high neckline…

And for the men…….

…Keep it simple with a THREE PIECE…

…it’s all in the DETAILS: BRACES, BROGUES and BUTTONS…

…add some EDGE by tipping the brim of your TRILBY…

See you there!

And… remember to get your tickets asap if you haven’t yet! For more info, click here.

Written for Razz by Anna Riddiford.

One thought on “How to do 1920s

  1. hi! I really like your blog! It is really insightful and interesting! I just started on wordpress and i dont really know how to work it (haha) so i was wondering if you could check out my blog and possibly give me some feedback? that would be so helpful!!!

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