Theatre in Exeter … but not as you know it…

Seth Honnor launches a three-year performance project to animate Exeter…

 Exeter is about to experience a completely different kind of theatre.  In You With Me, there’s no stage, no visible actors, no audience sitting comfortably.  Instead, this production offers a personal, unique and totally different experience, taking participants on a journey through Exeter and guiding them on a playful adventure in which unexpected incidents cause familiar routes to be seen with fresh eyes.

Participants are asked to meet in a well-known Exeter location.  They receive a phone call and the performance begins.  For 45 minutes, they talk to a stranger whilst navigating the city, new settings steering the subject of the conversation and the anonymity of the caller allowing an openness to emerge as the relationship between the participant and the stranger deepens. What develops is an exhilarating experience, strangely eliciting a very personal story, which the participant positions themselves at the centre of. The performance uses the backdrop of a highly populated built up city environment and is played out through the use of technology.

You With Me is the inaugural project from Kaleider, a producing engine for live performance in Exeter, funded by Arts Council’s 3 Year Strategic Investment for Theatre in Exeter. Written and directed by Kaleider’s Artistic Director, Seth Honnor, You With Me is a co-production with Reverb, a new theatre group made up for University of Exeter graduates interested in the exploration of space and location in theatre.

Seth Honnor said, ‘Kaleider is about bringing new experiences to the people of Exeter and forging new partnerships to create exciting, innovative and boundary breaking events.  We are delighted to be working with Reverb on this project, which marks the start of a series of creative events for the city over the next three years.’


Weekends from 17 November to 9 December, various times throughout the day. Visit youwithme.co.uk  to select a time slot and book.
Tickets: Pay what you can.

Age guidance: 16+


Seth Honnor is the Artistic Director of Kaleider based in Exeter, UK and Director of online performance network albow. He is an Honorary Fellow at University of Exeter and on the Steering Board for the AHRC funded REACT Hub, which is a collaboration between Universities of Cardiff, Bristol, West of England, Bath, Exeter and Watershed. For several years he was a teaching fellow at University of Exeter in Multimedia Performance. He regularly works with Watershed on the design and delivery of Innovation Labs.

Seth was the founding Director of Theatre Bristol stepping down after 6 years in April 2010 to make work as an artist again. He was a founder member of Leeds based theatre company, imitating the dog, where he was a performer, director and producer for 9 years. In 2002 he was a Curator for LIFT’s (London International Festival of Theatre’s) season A Landscape of Childhood. Previous to his work in Bristol he was Development Director for Leeds based Interplay Theatre. He is an award winning web designer.


Reverb was founded by Exeter University graduates Producer Rachael Burton and Theatre Director Zach Price in 2012. Reverb endeavours to create immersive, exhilarating theatre that re-examines theatre customs through the exploration of space and location.

Kaleider is a producing engine for live performance in Exeter, funded by Arts Council’s 3 year Strategic Investment for Theatre in Exeter (2012 – 2015). Kaleider makes and produces performance that often occurs in non-auditorium spaces for people who don’t usually go to the theatre. It is driven by a desire to work in collaboration to make things possible that would not otherwise be possible.


Written and directed by Seth Honnor

Assistant Director Zac Price
Producers Rachael Burton and Monique Luckman
With thanks to students from University of Exeter’s Department of Drama

Thanks to Exeter Phoenix for the use of their press release

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