Big Band… Sneak Peek for Hit On All Six

With Exeter University Big Band playing at Hit On All Six this Sunday, Razz writer and Big Band singer, Beth Evans, thought she’d let us know what we’ve got to look forward to… Thursday the 11th of October was our first gig this year at Timepiece. Uni was just getting going and sixteen thousand students all arrived on campus to share the germs they had accumulated over … Continue reading Big Band… Sneak Peek for Hit On All Six

Do go see ‘Zanna Don’t’

Shotgun theatre presents ‘Zanna Don’t‘ which turns high school completely upside down! You may have seen the cast walking around  campus in their rather snazzy red and white, American High School baseball jackets, which are the colours of Heartsville High School, where the play is set. But there’s something a little bit different going on at Heartsville…all social norms are completely reversed! The most popular … Continue reading Do go see ‘Zanna Don’t’

How to do 1920s

Come 2nd December to HIT ON ALL SIX and look dapper as a flapper… All clothing & accessories available from Add some SPARKLE with diamonds and jewels….. …SEQUINS and FRINGING brings Hollywood glamour to the roaring twenties… …For true ‘20s, try a drop waist hem and high neckline… And for the men……. …Keep it simple with a THREE PIECE… …it’s all in the DETAILS: BRACES, … Continue reading How to do 1920s

Tim McNiven ‘Emasculated’

Razz My Berries sent writer Louie to check out what’s what with Exeter’s answer to student comedy… “It made me feel so good about my life”, one punter told Tim after a gig. Although bluntly put, this is kind of the point of Tim McNiven’s stand up show Emasculated: to speak about the unspeakably embarrassing social, sexual and sometimes familial experiences that most (note the … Continue reading Tim McNiven ‘Emasculated’

Unique Boutique

Devon seems to be a haven for local arts and crafts. And considering Christmas is coming up, that means an opportunity to find some amazing gifts. Unique Boutique has teamed up with Exeter Phoenix for the 3rd year running, to hold 2 markets this December. Saturday daytime market: 1st December 11am – 4pm. Late night shopping evening market: Thursday 6th Dec 5-9pm. Unique Boutique is all … Continue reading Unique Boutique

Crikey it’s Vintage!

For those of you who wandered down Queen Street in Exeter on the 19th November, it may have just been another non-eventful Sunday afternoon. However, it became very difficult for the average weekend shopper not to notice the Crikey it’s Vintage! Christmas fair. Situated in the Thistle Hotel, I decided to give up battling the cold wind and give in to curiosity and step inside to see what this … Continue reading Crikey it’s Vintage!

Published Author… and a Student!

Razz Editor, Kate spoke to James Barty, a third year English student and published author. James’ first book ‘The White Fox,’ a teenage fantasy adventure, came out last year and the sequel ‘The Black Rose’ is coming out December 1st. James tells Kate about his inspiration, E-books and how he manages a degree and a writing career. Review of The Black Rose: “This book continued … Continue reading Published Author… and a Student!

Inside No Guts No Glory

In celebration of their 3rd anniversary, Razz reporter Stephanie Cross, caught up with the founders (Nathan and Hayley) of this unique and charming creative clothes and illustration outlet, to discover more about the brand No Guts No Glory. The first thing you notice about No Guts No Glory in McCoy’s Arcade on Fore Street, Exeter, is that in the words of the founder himself; ‘it is a rather … Continue reading Inside No Guts No Glory


   Theatre in Exeter … but not as you know it… Seth Honnor launches a three-year performance project to animate Exeter…   Exeter is about to experience a completely different kind of theatre.  In You With Me, there’s no stage, no visible actors, no audience sitting comfortably.  Instead, this production offers a personal, unique and totally different experience, taking participants on a journey through Exeter and … Continue reading KALEIDER