BubbleBubble Co.

When I was doing my initial downtown shopping during Freshers Week, I would not have noticed the construction of a new little store were it not for the sign out front announcing the imminent arrival of a bubble tea and frozen yogurt café. The large “Opening 14 October!” poster in the window which appeared a just weeks later was extremely exciting for a unapologetic frozen yogurt fiend. I was determined to go on their inaugural day, and my visit did not disappoint. BubbleBubble Co. is the perfect addition to the High Street and an ideal place to relax after hours of shopping.

The first thing I noticed upon entering were the amazing employees; with such an enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful group, I think it would be impossible not to feel welcome! The little shop itself is full of long wooden tables, funky chairs and barstools, and multicolored lighting. Quirky, multicolored signs indicating prices and describing the correct method of ordering bubble tea (there are five steps!) overhang the bright white counter. Sadly, this past trip I did not actually try the bubble tea, but I hear from others that it is absolutely delicious.

One wall is dedicated to the actual yogurt itself: there are racks of bowls in three sizes – small, large, and milkshake – and then a line of soft-serve dispensers. There are six or eight individual flavours which are strategically paired together so that you can swirl complementary flavours – for instance chocolate and caramel or strawberry and vanilla. After adding the amount of yogurt desired to your bowl, you then proceed to spoon on the toppings: fruit, candies, syrups, and more! When your creation is finished you weigh and pay by the ounce. The treat you’ve created is completely unique, original, and exactly what you ordered!

After only a meagre lunch, I was quite hungry when I arrived and dove straight for the large bowl. I tried three flavours in all: Pomegranate and “Strawberries and Cream” (a swirl of strawberry and vanilla yogurt). Moving over to the toppings bar I spooned on mini marshmallows, honeycomb toffee, and two fruity confections – passionfruit and pineapple. After drizzling it all with caramel syrup, I weighed, paid, and sat down to enjoy. Everything tasted delicious! The yogurt was very soft, which made it perfect for mixing toppings in. And while my combination may sound strange to some, it was my ideal creation: the rich caramel, sticky toffee, juicy fruit confections, and almost-overly-sweet marshmallows were amazing with the rich fruit yogurt. That was far from my last visit!

The only downside of BubbleBubble Co. might be its price tag: a 500ml tea is £3.00 and frozen yogurt is £1.50 per 100g. As one employee told me, a small bowl is around £2.00-£3.50 and a large around £4.50 to £6.00, depending on how completely the bowl is filled and how many toppings are added. My large, which was quite full of both yogurt and toppings, was £5.58. However, for a little spending splurge BubbleBubble Co.’s excellent variety, outstanding quality, and friendly atmosphere is totally worth it. And as far as snacks go frozen yogurt and bubble tea are awfully healthy options!

Written for Razz by Carmen Paddock.

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