For those of you who don’t yet know, the theme for the next issue of Razz is ‘Serenity and Rush‘.

Deadline for submissions is midnight Friday 2nd November. So get going!

Photo Credit: Jamie Ballantyne

As always we are looking for the usual submissions:

Feature ArticlesCreative WritingPoetryPhotographyIllustrationProfilesReviewsInterviews,

Comments and Models/Actors for Photoshoot.

You may interpret the theme however you wish. But here are some commission ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Calm before the storm
We would like a longer feature piece on disasters, this can be a personal experience or interest in a particular event, it can come from a political standpoint or focus on a natural disaster such as Haiti.
Word limit- max 500-700

Questions of temporality, time, movement vs meditation/still. Ideas of reflection, human subjectivity, consciousness. This could be philosophical looking at the big themes of time and death and fear or looking into ways of keeping yourself calm (ie yoga) Take this one as you like!
Can be short or long must be more than 200 or less than 700.

What lies beneath the surface
We want someone to look at something that appears normal but in reality is a mask/ question of facade/acting. For example Santa Claus in THAT Coca cola christmas advert, a traditional christmas/religious figure being used as a corporate logo and selling point.
Can be short or long must be more than 200 or less than 700.

We’ve already received a lot of travel pieces, so we ask that you stay away from that. Otherwise, anything is welcome! Remember that this is the winter issue, so anything Christmassy or in any way winter-related would fit in perfectly. Does Christmas represent serenity or rush more to you?

We are particularly looking for creative writing. This can be either a short story or a poem. If you have any ideas, please contact Creative Writing Editor, Charlotte via

If you’d like to get involved in any of the commissions please email us at with your ideas. We may have to give the article to more than one person, if the interest is there, to avoid us being left without an article just in case you are unable to write/finish it.

If you have any ideas at all, or would like to get involved, just get in touch!

You have to be a Razz member to submit, so if you haven’t yet, remember to sign up via the Guild website.

Lots of Razz love, Katy xx

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