Pennywell Farm

Those of you who bought the latest issue of Razz, ‘Style and Drift’ will have seen a snippet about a new craze to have struck the U.K. One of the most recent to come down with this ‘racing fever’ is Pennywell Farm, the largest farm tourist attraction in the South West. What do they race? Why pigs of course! We couldn’t report on this new hobby without trying it out for ourselves and Pennywell’s were very obliging to our team of dedicated investigative journalists (a.k.a. pig enthusiasts…)

We witnessed this new phenomena first hand and it did not disappoint! The whole farm seemed t0 grind to a halt as all the visitors rushed to get the best view of the ‘Ham Stakes’, Pennywell’s daily pig race! Though the course is quite short and contains only 3 jumps, it’s hard to describe the excitement of seeing pigs run back and forth over poles and a trough jump called ‘Bacon Brook‘.

To find out more about upcoming events (or just to look at cute pictures!), visit the Pennywell Farm website:

Or like their Facebook page here.

However, the pig races were not our only reason to visit. Pennywell’s is also famous for breeding…


A recent batch of miniature pigs

Now whoever said bigger is better has clearly never held a micro pig. Well now I have and can safely say that it was the cutest experience of my life! Online editor, Katy McIntosh, said that cradling a month-old piglet in a blanket was a moment of “pure calm, a most therapeutic experience”.

Even if tiny little pigs aren’t your thing (are you crazy?), Pennywell’s offers a wide variety of other activities that led them to winning ‘Best Visitor Attraction of the Year’ at the 2012 Tourism and Hospitality Awards. These include bottle feeding lambs and goats, falconry displays containing beautiful owls, a hedgehog meet and greet, and possibly our favourite, ferret walking! This is exactly what it sounds like: we strapped little harnesses on ferrets and took them for a walk. Nothing more to it.

The staff are friendly, very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with all visitors. They are very happy to just give you an animal to hold or stroke which are my kind of people! There’s also a great little shop as you leave so you can get a souvenir of a day well spent.

It’s unfortunately not the easiest place to get to but it’s not as far as google maps would have you think! And when there miniature pigs are involved, surely nothing can stand in your way…

Razz love, Becky (Co-editor 2012-13, Pig lover since 1991)

And just for laughs here we all are trying not to look ridiculously happy at what we’re hugging…

Online Editor Katy, Editor Becky, Razz Writer Daryl, Razz Photographer Charlie (Pigs: Jessica, Geoffrey, Rupert, Nigel)

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