Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop

Update your wardrobe for charity!

All in the aid of the charity, Enabling Evie

11 Oct 2012, 12-3pm. Free entry!

Need a new winter wardrobe, but struggling on a student budget? Need a clothes clear out?

Donate, swap and shop at Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop.

Enabling Evie is a charity set up to support baby Evelyn Shears.  She has a current diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, a movement disorder as well as Retinoblastoma.  All money received from Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop will be given to a charity set up to provide specialist support for Evie and her family. 

Take a look at the new issue of Razz ‘Style and Drift’ available in the Guild shop on campus, for our own take on charity shop style.

From the latest issue ‘Style and Drift’. Article and images by Charlie Tyjas and Daryl Hurst.

Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop: 11 Oct 2012, 12-3pm. Free entry!

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