Razz presents… Fashion Soc’s Favourite Industry Moments

Razz recently did Exeter University Fashion Society‘s Lust List, and in return, we present to you their favourite industry moments, from an artist’s point of view… Rebecca McPherson – President Since Sarah Burton premiered her SS13 Alexander McQueen collection I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time ogling it online. Stiff, patterned metallic suits with three-quarter length legs and cinched-in, belted waists seem to follow on … Continue reading Razz presents… Fashion Soc’s Favourite Industry Moments

Happy Birthday NGNG!

Razz would like to wish NGNG a very Happy 3rd Birthday and invite you all to check out their amazing celebratory event… Exeter’s Independent Art Shop No Guts No Glory Celebrates 3 Years Of Success! No Guts No Glory turns 3 years old on Saturday 3rd November! To celebrate this they will be filling McCoys Arcade with a section of local artists and makers as well … Continue reading Happy Birthday NGNG!

BubbleBubble Co.

When I was doing my initial downtown shopping during Freshers Week, I would not have noticed the construction of a new little store were it not for the sign out front announcing the imminent arrival of a bubble tea and frozen yogurt café. The large “Opening 14 October!” poster in the window which appeared a just weeks later was extremely exciting for a unapologetic frozen yogurt fiend. I was … Continue reading BubbleBubble Co.

3D Art at the Phoenix

30 lucky artists were recently given the opportunity to try out 3D printing by The University of Exeter’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) and Exeter Phoenix… Neoreplicants, a new FREE exhibition at Phoenix Gallery, showcases the artwork created using this incredible technology. 3D printing involves design using computer modelling software, and then printing through a process of laser sintering – whereby granules of a densely packed nylon … Continue reading 3D Art at the Phoenix

Felix McCabe

Photography is one of my favourite mediums and Exeter photographer Felix McCabe’s work continually gets me right in the heart, in two ways. Firstly, yes, his work is brilliant. From the evocative lighting of his portraits, to capturing expressions that grip our curiosity, his shots are simply bursting with character. Secondly, he’s self-taught, ambitious and – only nineteen. Great. Make me feel underachieving and old… … Continue reading Felix McCabe


For those of you who don’t yet know, the theme for the next issue of Razz is ‘Serenity and Rush‘. Deadline for submissions is midnight Friday 2nd November. So get going! As always we are looking for the usual submissions: Feature Articles, Creative Writing, Poetry, Photography, Illustration, Profiles, Reviews, Interviews, Comments and Models/Actors for Photoshoot. You may interpret the theme however you wish. But here are some commission ideas to get the creative juices flowing: … Continue reading SERENITY AND RUSH

Moonrise Kingdom

The honour of opening the Cannes Film Festival 2012 was awarded to Moonrise Kingdom, the latest on-screen triumph of American film director and screenwriter Wes Anderson. This eccentric film follows the 12 year old romance of a 1960s-era scout and his girlfriend, who run away together, and the search party of family and locals who fan out to find them. Moonrise Kingdom was instantly recognisable … Continue reading Moonrise Kingdom