The West End Comes to Exeter

Laura Wade is best known for her play Posh which gained critical acclaim during its West End run. The playwright now brings her work to Exeter with a brand new play, Other Hands.

The play looks at the reliance on technology in the modern world, and how this quick-fix attitude cannot be applied so easily to personal life. It tells the story of a high-flying businesswoman, struggling to manage both work and play.

Wade came up with the idea for Other Hands when she realised her own dependence on technology.

“I first had the idea to write the play when I had a man come over to my house to fix my computer when it had broken down – I was struck by how drastically important he had become to me, and by how helpless I felt.”

Behind the Scenes of Other Hands. Pamela Banks as Hayley and James Dutton as Steve.

The playwright is noted for her keen use of conversational language, and realistic speech.

“Writers are a bit like magpies – we move through the world collecting shiny bits and bobs and then fashioning them into something new and different. And one of the things we tend to collect is language and the way people use it.”

The production will be shown at the Bike Shed Theatre on the 30th September. Tickets are available from the website.

Lots of Razz love, Katy xxx

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