Artist Profiles (2 in 1!)

Razz is feeling very generous and is giving you 2 Artist profiles in 1 blog post! Razz’s Creative Editor Charlotte gives you the heads up on two very different but extremely creative displays of artistic talent…

“Well worth a gander, a read… and a good sniff.”

 ImageArtist: Wang Mai

 Nationality: Chinese

 Art: Mixed Media

 Exhibition: Dire Straits

 Where: Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, 798 Art District, Beijing

Wang’s interactive, mixed-media pieces allow the viewer to get into, walk around, and explore his work in a dramatic, multi-sensory experience. Reflecting his interest in geopolitics, Wang sources and creates his mixed-media materials to communicate messages and experiences, the most striking of which, in my opinion, pack physical – ahem – sensory punches. The installation is at first sight a huge, glinting blue corridor (policed at both ends by polite, black-suited security) dotted with some odd and indiscernible structures including metal and plastic piped shapes, a stranded, hanging boat, and a rudimentary tent.

Perpendicular lines of the straits…

The corridor presents a “walk-through collage” astounding in sheer size, while the materials weave a story of the space he presents, but if anything, it is the sheer absurdity of the environment he creates that trumps all else. If I can leave you with two purely sensory highlights, they’d be that:

1) The corrugated metal floor is disconcerting: it buckles and pops, groaning under your weight as you pass through, and the blue paint really flecks off as you walk – changing as you pass, moulding under your weight (once or twice, I felt so uneasy, I had to look at the security to check I was really allowed to be walking on it!).

Dry-cured fish tent…

2) A walk through the grey and blue-splashed tent will treat you to a musty, trapped smell of dried fish. The material of the tent consists of dozens of large fish skins, sewn together into one sweeping, and frankly smelly, sheet.

If you want to delve into his subtle artistic meaning, visit here for the curators explanation of the exhibit…

Otherwise, simply enjoy a snapshot of the weirdness that is Wang’s environment: Dire Straits.

Wire-suspended boat structure…

Now for some cripplingly clever lines and images from the critically acclaimed author of an Indian graphic novel…

Artist: Sarnath Banerjee

Nationality: Indian

Art: Graphic

Exhibition: Indian Highway

Where: Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, 798 Art District, Beijing

Image Image Image

Seven Madrasis

But don’t just take my selection as proof of his amazing talent, check out his work here.

Razz love,


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