There’s a whole new Razz team, and the first issue of the year will be printed and available in time for Freshers week in September.

The theme is: Style and Drift.

We’re accepting articles, short prose, and poetry. We’d also love any relevant images you have if you could send them to us or upload them to our flickr! This is your chance to get published!

Photograph taken by Charlie Tyjas

When we say STYLE, we’re thinking:

“A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and taste”
->The mode in which something is expressed or said (bit of swag)
->The way something is presented ie. how it looks
->Not just fashion pieces (but if fashion is your thing go for it!)
->Personal identity, what makes an individual
-> How to stand out at uni
->A weekend/longer break that you would recommend as a stylish way to spend your summer

By DRIFT we’re thinking:

A general trend or tendency, as of opinion.”
General meaning or purport ie. caught the drift of the conversation.”
->Drifting as in wandering or travelling (where have you been this summer?)
->The change from college to university life
->Do you catch my drift? Try and convince us of a weird hobby or activity you like
->A gradual change in trends or fashion etc.
-> How you view life do we drift into jobs, careers, love etc?
-> A general slower pace….a creative piece based on this perhaps?

Plus anything else you guys come up with, we’ve left the theme pretty open for you.

But if you need more direction we are more than willing to assist! Just drop us an email at

Don’t forget to like our facebook for some exciting updates over the summer!

The deadline for this issue is: Friday 3rd August so get creative everyone!

Lots of Razz love. xxx

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